Scanner App

Administration & Management

developing a to-do app allows personal task management
within the company

Frontend: REST API | Websockets | data parsing | low-level C++ libraries | Android | MQTT; Backend: PHP | MySQL | MongoDb | Slim Framework


App enables to add tasks, assign to-do’s to collaborators, track a task status, make a report. Device identifies individual users by placing a finger in the scanner area. Most significant feature is fingerprint identification.


  • App is running in offline mode regardless of Internet access;
  • App syncs the recorded data with the main server;
  • Implementation of version control to track changes and merge data in the server;
  • Scanning device is tailored to customer needs;
  • Fingerprint recognition algorithm provides 100% accuracy due to the use of various patterns of fingerprint comparison;


Onilab team has successfully developed Android application, what resulted in improving personal task management in the company.