Magento online store


The customer aims at offering high
quality online retail experience
unlike any other in the same sector – selling seeds for souvenir purposes only

Magento | Memcached | Nginx | PHP | MySQL | jQuery


The customer’s goal was to redesign and optimize the website built with Magento that would provide a solid platform for improving user experience and increasing sales revenue. Before we started, 2 companies had already worked on that project during 2 years.

Proceeding with the development, our team had to face a range of issues with slow performance and other bugs. For instance, the main page was loading more than a minute. Because of the lack of optimization, 1500+ requests were sent to the database. Our development team has decrease that amount to 100 requests without caching.


  • Magento optimization for faster performance of the website;
  • Implementation of the layered navigation feature: 20 filter attributes with 400+ options. Our development team provided fast and easy navigation;
  • Magento built-in membership system allows to access member-only rewards, bonuses and offers;
  • Parsing the data with prices of competitors to compare them and set a lower price due to certain rules of the pricing policy;
  • Various payment methods (visa, mastercard, maestro, bitcoin etc.)
  • Free gift and discount extension for Magento;


During the development phase the Onilab team has found and fixed 50+ bugs in the 3rd party modules.

The technical and business goals have been achieved: producing the most complete e-commerce experience for the cannabis connoisseur seed collector and becoming the go-to website to buy seeds in souvenir purposes only.