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Pinks and Greens is the one-stop shop for women's activewear and sports. Offering a wide range of styles, brands and sizes, Pinks and Greens carries the latest collections from 70+ famous brands for active and stylish women.

Previously experiencing code optimization problems, incompatibility of 3rd party extensions, issues with numerous requests to the database, Pinks and Greens has contacted Onilab team in order to optimize performance of the existing website with average load time more than 15-20 seconds.Onilab offered a customised Magento solution that maximised the online opportunity and minimised the initial project budget.


  • Optimizing online shopping experience and usability;
  • Integration with payment gateways, variety of payment methods;
  • Improving Magento core features to meet the requirements of the online store, fixing issues after installing 3rd party extensions;
  • Reducing website load time to less than 2 seconds;
  • Newsletter sign up;
  • Fixing a problem of slow indexing of Magento stores with SKUs (50K+);


Onilab helped to relaunch the website in a month and the client was satisfied with the extensibility and modernization including functionality for managing product catalog, range of built-in payment modules, blog integration, points-based loyalty program. The extensions also included eBay integration, Google shopping product feed, shopper discount coupons, automated emailing system etc.

Having optimized performance and load time of the website, Onilab team is currently engaged in the project maintenance and implementation of new features.

The highly-improved website and order funnel has led to an essential increase of the conversion rate by 35%.