fabrics & furniture


Optimizing Magento shop for fabrics
and furnishings with high quality design,
craftsmanship and innovation.

Magento | jQuery | Redis | AWS, MySQL


As the client’s goal was to provide customers with profound understanding of fabrics and other elements related to buying furniture and increase online sales, Onilab development team has delivered highly customized Magento solutions with an outstanding user experience.


  • Magento optimization for peak performance of the website;
  • Flexible, highly scalable solution for future expansion;
  • Clean modern design;
  • Strong emphasis on user experience;
  • Reduced time required to process customers orders;
  • Improved server response time;
  • Product customization extension;
  • Possibility to subscribtion to newsletter;
  • Products can be filtered by catalog/ price/ color/ pattern etc.
  • Third-party modules integration;


The client was satisfied with the flexible, highly scalable for future expansion eCommerce website, including its functionality for managing product catalog, third-party modules integration, rich user experience. As for business profits, optimization of the website resulted in exceeding the sales targets.