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Who Uses Magento: The Biggest Magento Sites

Who Uses Magento: The Biggest Magento Sites

Who Uses Magento: The Biggest Magento Sites

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, providing scalability and reliable performance for the biggest companies worldwide. But what are websites using Magento? Such industry giants like Moschino, Coca-Cola, and Swatch benefit from the platform serving millions of customers and thousands of daily in-store operations.

Below you’ll find 15 brands that use Magento for their stores. Check out how they manage to keep up outstanding performance while maintaining a hectic routine.

  1. Moschino
  2. Coca-Cola
  3. Monin
  4. Swatch
  5. Christian Louboutin
  6. Rubik’s
  7. Vizio
  8. Adore Beauty
  9. Olympus
  10. Marie Claire
  11. Charlotte Tilbury
  12. Graze
  13. Easy Spirit
  14. Boodles
  15. Beer Hawk

1. Moschino

biggest magento sites moschino

Moschino is an Italian luxury fashion house known for its daring colors and bald approach towards fashion. The company’s website represents the core of the brand perfectly thanks to the following features provided by Magento:

  • incorporation of animation on the homepage;
  • implementation of Instagram feed;
  • intuitive categories and product catalogs;
  • easy navigation.

Magento is famous for its endless customization options. This can be seen at the Moschino store with vibrant visuals and a smart division of the website’s elements.

2. Coca-Cola

magento clients coca cola

This brand needs no intro. Coca-Cola is beloved worldwide, and its famous commercial is one of the main symbols of the upcoming Christmas holidays. And if such an industry giant is among Magento clients, why shouldn’t you?

How Magento made the Coca-Cola website so awesome:

  • bright and smart CTA buttons;
  • easy catalogs;
  • focus on personalization;
  • outstanding Magento speed optimization;
  • adjustment of the overall site for the holidays.

Unlike Moschino, Coca-Cola keeps the design simple. Yet, it still manages to catch the attention and encourage a customer to make a purchase.

3. Monin

sites that use magento monin

You can see a bottle of Monin syrup in any bar anywhere in the world. The company produces gourmet syrups and liquors and is known for a variety of flavors and exceptional quality.

The Monin website features:

  • attractive and encouraging pop-ups;
  • great content diversity;
  • an incredibly attractive layout and design;
  • a visible list of acceptable payment methods.

The website reflects the brand and its message and, though seeming a bit simple, remains stylish yet friendly.

4. Swatch

biggest magento sites swatch

If you want to know who uses Magento eCommerce, look at Swatch. This brand is a globally recognized company that produces stylish and elegant watches. Magento perfectly carried out a function of displaying a variety of Swatch products:

  • intuitive and easy navigation;
  • visible shopping cart;
  • implementation of social media buttons;
  • smart product filters.

Swatch’s website is comprehensive and precise, helping the user choose the product in a hassle-free manner.

5. Christian Louboutin

christian louboutin best magento sites

The Louboutin shoes can be called legendary due to their famous red sole, which is the brand’s official trademark. The brand is associated with luxury and expensiveness. And this Magento website captures the idea perfectly:

  • a video featured on the homepage;
  • interactive logo;
  • extensive product catalog;
  • informative cart.

The laconic Louboutin website encompasses all brand products, yet it does not seem overloaded and offers easy-to-follow product order or pre-order procedures.

6. Rubik’s

best magento website rubiks

OK, everyone knows what Rubik’s cube is about, but the company offers much more than one toy. With the help of Magento, the brand is showing all of the cube faces:

Smart choice of colors, fonts, and overall Magento theme design

  • fun “About Us” page;
  • customized 404 error;
  • smart subscription box.

Rubik’s website follows all modern e-commerce trends: it features social media buttons, has good navigation and clear catalogs, and all the information is placed where users expect to see it.

We’ve reached out to Rubik’s and asked about their experience with Magento. Apparently, the store runs on Magento 2 – and the reason for the Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration was increased speed and better performance, as well as ease of deployment on multiple foreign markets and huge B2B potential, as per the company’s representative.

7. Vizio

top magento sites vizio

We couldn’t help but mention Vizio among other companies using Magento. This brand is a consumer electronics company with a stunning website, 100% adjusted for the upcoming holidays. Being one of the largest and most popular consumer electronics companies in the USA, Vizio serves thousands of customers daily. The Magento website helps Vizio with:

  • visuals of excellent quality that support the brand’s message;
  • helpful navigation;
  • correspondence of website look with a brand message;
  • page consistency.

They turned to a company providing Magento 2 development services to help Vizio reflect their statement about being “beautifully simple” on their website, which looks high-tech and reliable.

8. Adore Beauty

who uses magento adore beauty

The store offers cosmetic and beauty products by the leading providers and is considered the leading beauty store in Australia. Magento helped the company with:

  • good personalization;
  • attractive CTA elements;
  • encompassing all brands in one place;
  • excellent product filtering.

Considering the number of presented products and brands, the website deals with the load perfectly and keeps everything clear and easy to understand.

9. Olympus

websites using magento olympus

This famous Magento company produces an array of technical equipment and specializes in cameras and lenses. This is how Magento helps Olympus communicate its message via the website:

  • informative product descriptions;
  • security badges that enhance reliability;
  • excellent customer experience with website navigation;
  • comparison list so the customers can find the most suitable product;
  • order status tracking and support.

In addition to its products, the Olympus website also features support and blog pages that contribute to the customer experience and make the store stand out among similar online shops.

10. Marie Claire

largest magento sites marie claire

Marie Claire Boutiques offer affordable and attractive clothes for women. Considering the size of their market and the number of various products, the company needed a scalable and flexible platform to cope with the load and guarantee seamless performance throughout the customer journey. This Magento website has:

  • the classic e-commerce store layout;
  • integrated maps to quickly find a store;
  • incorporated chatbot;
  • wishlist option.

Marie Claire offers a really pleasant shopping experience with minimal effort from the user required. Dozens of custom Magento themes developed from scratch replicate Marie Claire’s clean design.

11. Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury sites using magento

Charlotte Tilbury is another company on our Magento websites list. This is a fashion store with an array of cosmetic gifts. The website is customized to reflect the brand’s identity and features:

  • instant pop-up upon visiting the homepage;
  • search bar;
  • incorporated video tutorials;
  • amazingly easy and appealing navigation.

Though the brand positions itself as friendly and personalized, it has a sense of luxury and Magento 2 helped the company transfer this idea via strong visuals and a proper website layout.

12. Graze

biggest magento sites graze

Graze is a UK-based company that offers snacks and various subscription boxes to customers. What’s awesome about Graze is that they are more than a snack supplier – they promote a healthy lifestyle and incorporated their vision into the website:

  • bold colors and attention-grabbing images;
  • interactive content;
  • fun filters;
  • incorporated videos and surveys.

Graze website captures your attention from the first seconds after visiting it and encourages you to learn more. A great deal of such success is due to choosing Magento and to the features that it offers.

13. Easy Spirit

easy spirit top magento sites

Easy Spirit footwear offers an array of footwear for women and promotes an easy and hassle-free lifestyle. That’s how Magento helped the brand stand out:

  • amazingly simple but effective filters,
  • interaction with the users via the campaign #movefor and social media,
  • an option of order tracking,
  • detailed product information.

As soon as you enter the Easy Spirit store, you immediately feel like you’ve known the brand for ages. And that’s what good websites are about, isn’t it?

14. Boodles

top magento sites boodles

Boodles is a jewelry company founded in 1798, and since then, it used a bit of technological boost to keep up with worldwide digital adoption but managed to preserve the brand identity. How Magento helps Boodles remains one of the finest jewelry stores:

  • use of special brand colors across the store;
  • non-overwhelming design;
  • a list of stores;
  • option to book a viewing.

Boodles website keeps it classy and attractive, successfully using Magento to display its products and provide a unique experience for the shoppers.

15. Beer Hawk

companies using magento beer hawk

Beer Hawk provides shoppers with a choice of craft beers from all over the world. This Magento website features:

  • incorporated customer reviews;
  • efficient CTA;
  • advanced product filters;
  • real-life timer to encourage users to buy.

Being so packed with different products, the Beer Hawk website manages to deliver a good user experience and intuitive navigation and Magento contributes to it.

Look at our portfolio with Magento eCommerce solutions to find more brands that are in love with the platform.

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