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According to studies, online stores’ revenue rises by 9.5% after migrating to Magento 2. All
our efforts to improve your site’s operation are with this goal in mind: increased sales,
and profits! If your current store needs improvements, look no further than
ground-breaking Magento 2.

When it makes sense

  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration

    The Magento upgrade service is great for store owners who’ve used former versions. Having tested Magento, owners prefer to stay committed to this CMS, due to its innovative online marketing opportunities.

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  • From other platforms to Magento

    Advanced support opportunities clearly make Magento the best​ choice of eCommerce platform. ​ S​top rushing from one platform to another in search of the most ​suitable solution. ​You can rely on Magento 2​ to offer ​the latest​ tools for creating your best store ever. It’s an easy decision to migrate to Magento 2.

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Migrate to Magento,
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Magento migration workflow

Magento migration looks like development from scratch, because the process often requires restructuring of your current site, redesign of visual elements, and fitting of new extensions. In order to gain a reinforced online store, you need to go through all stages of Magento website development.


Research of client preferences

Our Internet marketing specialists, UI/UX experts and SEO gurus will brainstorm with you, helping you prioritize your needs and choose the best solution .We’ll determine the future Magento site structure and new design according to your list of requirements, monitoring current extensions, modules and plugins and discussing those you’d prefer. We’ll think thorough future integrations with third-party systems, such as eBay, Amazon, PayPal, CRM and ERP.

Environment preparation

All impending Magento migration processes need to be tested ‘backstage’ in real-time. Don’t worry, as we’ll ensure the migration is painless. Your customers won’t even notice. We’ll prepare the hardware, ship a Magento 2 version from the official site, and install it on a staging server, where we’ll rehearse and test the new store before its release.


We’ll move the previous site structure to the installed Magento 2 platform or build a new one, adhering to your requirements list, fitting fundamental features into the new skeleton. Our team will use major automated migration tools, facilitating the transfer of data from other eCommerce sites to Magento, or will update your former Magento operation to the latest Magento 2.x version.

Intermediate QA

The draft Magento is installed, and we’ll checkout your new store for potential installation errors, debug, and test basic performance.

Filling with content

With a half-skeleton set up for your future site, we’ll fill it with necessary content, moving information from the old database to the new: on products, customers, orders from shopping carts, lists of entities, discounts, auctions, and whatever else is needed.

Varnish & Final QA

After applying the main features to your site, we’ll make some superficial changes, using a cart2cart approach. To carry out the interchange from one platform to the other without losing established daily traffic, we’ll spread the traffic partially. Then, we’ll test your final Magento 2 store.

Moving to the client’s hosting

We’ll provide full circle Magento migration, including adjustments and settings to relocate your web store to the new hardware, helping to run the site on a proper hosting.

How your online store works while migrating to Magento

Cart2Cart approach The correct migration from a former platform to Magento 2 won’t cause any hitch in the working of your store, due to accurate data transfer.

While we migrate your store to Magento, you’ll continue receiving orders from buyers and selling goods. All data will be saved on your operating server but not on our testing one. To keep tabs of conversions, we’ll need to add this information at the final varnish stage, applying a Cart2Cart approach. No matter which eCommerce platform you migrate from – Shopify, Magento or something else – our automated migration tools will make the workflow easy and swift. The cart-to-cart method helps to keep your online store working, without any downtime.

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