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Pinks and Greens is a popular platform for modern women who prefer leading an active lifestyle. It is a place where all necessary things are presented: sports apparel, tips, advices, support and interaction. American women find the marketplace useful, as it is full of sportswear which makes them feel stylish, confident and strong at every moment of their lives.

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The famous brick-and-mortar store has been turned into a web store
running on Magento by Onilab.

Nicola Wodlinger, VP, Marketing

The Challenge

First off, Pinks and Greens was aimed at developing as an offline business with the chain of brick-and-mortar stores. Then having got the idea about the importance of eCommerce, they started developing the website. Unfortunately, the website didn’t work as well as expected, so the business owner entrusted us its development.

The crucial task was transferring successful offline business into online one running on Magento. After we explained all possible challenges that might happen, the business owner agreed on it and we started the development process.

The development process

We built the bridge between offline
and online businesses focusing
on the advanced technologies.

The project seemed rather huge, that’s why we decided to create the team responsible for transferring the offline business. The team consisted of senior and middle Magento developers as well as the experienced team lead who has dealt with business processes on the US market over years.

The team lead proposed the way to implement warehouse inventory accounting as well as get the Twitter account linked to the brand via hashtag. The team lead managed the development process and communicated with the business owner daily to monitor the process.

Before we started the development, we had to pay attention to the problems arisen because of the previous unfair company which didn’t do work thoroughly. So it took much time, but helped to create the reliable background for development.

The modules worth paying close attention

In fact, the list of modules installed on the website is rather long, that’s why we present here only the most relevant ones. If you’d like to find our more, you can ask our team.

  • Amasty cart
  • Amasty Email
  • Aoe_Scheduler
  • Auctane_API
  • AW_Callforprice
  • Belvg_Colorswatch
  • Belvg_Newsletterstore
  • Belvg_Productcollections
  • Belvg_ProductSorting
  • Brice_ShippingLabelPrint
  • Brice_Updatewarehouse
  • Brice_SizeChart

Flexible solution

The solution we elaborated for the project is considered to be one-size-fits-all to all kinds of business, especially offline one. If you have such background as an offline business which runs successfully, you can easy transform it into online and drive extra business. The team of professional Magento developers adapt your requirements and do everything possible to meet your needs. Besides, we’re full of ideas that can be implemented into your business and get it blooming. You can rely on us, as it was done by Allison Dorst.

The Team

Meet the highly qualified team that boosts your business sales!

Mustache time!
  • Alex Project Manager/ Team Lead
  • Ann UI/UX Designer
  • Evgeniy Magento Developer
  • Kirill E-commerce Expert
  • Ruslan Magento Developer
  • Evgeniy QA Engineer
  • Vladislav Frontend Developer
  • Magento 1.9.3
  • RestApi
  • Elasticsearch
  • Nginx
  • MySql
  • PHP7
  • JavaScript
  • Magestack
  • Composer

The achievements

A lot of customers were unsatisfied with their shopping experience and left the web store without making a purchase. This is due the number of incompatible extensions installed on that made the performance unstable. They were removed. Besides, we got the store involved in social media, e.g.Twitter. Now the product brand awareness has increased thanks to its hashtag connection on Twitter.

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