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Public Desire is a world online footwear brand that makes women happy all over the globe. Having the distribution center in the UK, the company ships to anywhere in the world. Due to the variety of products as well as good quality, the brand is steadily taking on the market.

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  • Magento
  • Commerce
  • Strategy
  • Support
Every click on the “Place Order” button makes someone’s day. It’s our
mission to make this work.


The Challenge

The first development company which Public Desire collaborated with didn’t meet their expectations because of the bloated budget. The service cost was much more expensive compared with the average price on the market. At the same time the result of the work wasn’t satisfactory, as the level of performance was quite low.

When we were entrusted to develop the project, we got the following goal: extend functionality and, as the result, push up the sales. Besides, the current development needed improvements and optimization. Eventually, we expected to get the contemporary store which works properly and provides buyers with excellent shopping experience.

From Public Desire’s point of view, the web store should work properly while sales are increasing. With the help of new extensions which were implemented, the website now possesses high performance that allows managing heavy traffic.

The development process

Focusing on the clients’ needs
we formed a separate department
to assign to the project.

The team is comprised of Magento architect, Senior Magento developer, 3 middle Magento developers, and QA engineer.

During the development process we performed the tasks defined by the product owner using Agile approach. JIRA was also used for the product management and tasks tracking. Moreover, such collaboration implies being available 24/7. It helps to introduce alterations right in the process, as the business is considered to be highly competitive and needs flexibility.

Since we’ve been involved in the project for more than a year, we dived into the processes and adjusted them accurately, so if there is a necessity to make changes, we can perform them promptly. The experience this project has given allows us to handle any project requiring similar improvements.

The modules worth paying close attention

  • Klarna
  • Check out Amazon
  • Attraqt integration
  • Varnish Cache
  • Dotmailer extension
  • Sweet Tooth loyalty
  • Gift Card extension
  • Responsys
  • Multiply Special Price
  • Rapid Retargeter
  • Maxymiser
  • Docker
  • Google E-commerce integration
  • Flexible shipping methods

Flexible solution

Our solution is applicable to any online store. It doesn’t matter what the current situation of the stores is, as we know how to cope with this. We analyze the situation and find the most appropriate solution which gets your store improved.

The Team

Meet the highly qualified team that boosts your business sales!

Mustache time!
  • Dmitriy Project Manager / Team Lead
  • Vitaliy Senior Magento Developer
  • Evgeniy Magento Developer
  • Vadim Magento Developer
  • Denis Magento Developer
  • Evgeniy QA Engineer
  • Magento
  • RestApi
  • Nginx
  • MySql
  • PHP7
  • JavaScript
  • SASS
  • Grunt
  • Vagrant
  • Inkscape
  • SVG

The achievements

The primary goal was to get a top-notch development service without extra expenditures was accomplished. Besides, all the issues of paramount importance were resolved by our team. Additionally, it should be mentioned that the business owner is amazing at generating ideas on enticing more customers so we implement new features and run A/B tests regularly to prove they work. All the options mentioned above help the business be at the forefront of the market.

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