Magento Released Version 2.3 — Here’s Why It’s a Big Deal

Magento Released Version 2.3 — Here’s Why It’s a Big Deal

Magento Released Version 2.3 — Here’s Why It’s a Big Deal

November 28, 2018, Magento development team released Magento 2.3 out of beta. The new version introduced 2 new major tools and countless fixes that the community was waiting for since the start of the year.

Magento 2.3 has come out on schedule as the dev team planned the next release towards the end of 2018. With 30+ core security fixes and a plethora of cool new stuff to play with, we are looking at one of the more interesting updates, both for store admins and third-party developers.

Release highlights:

  • Inventory Management
  • CMS improvements
  • Progressive Web Applications tool suite
  • New GraphQL API
  • Asynchronous web API and bulk API support
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.2

What Are the Biggest Features?

OK, so it was obvious that CMS Page Builder, Inventory Management, and PWA Studio will steal the spotlight from everything else. Let’s see what they can do to make our lives easier.

CMS Page Builder adds in-house banner creation and an updated WYSIWYG editor. TinyMCE comes now integrated into Magento but because of how it’s built in you can now change it to any WYSIWYG editor you like.

Page builder offers drag-and-drop functionality which means it’s now easier to just place and resize the element you want exactly where you need it. Great feature for content managers.

Inventory Management will fill the much-needed feature of flexible warehousing inside the store. Merchants with especially complex inventory and shipping processes are going to really appreciate this new addition.

New Inventory Management will be a godsend to merchants with multiple warehouses in different locations. No more workarounds and multiple orders from different sources. The new tool boasts smart shipment matching algorithms, concurrent checkout protection, and improved tracking features.

PWA Studio is more of a developer tool which adds full support for progressive web applications.

Why is it cool? PWA Studio will enable native Magento 2 support for websites that will now act and feel like an app. This is great for mobile users since they will be able to use your store as if it was an actual app on their phone. No need to ask the user to install anything else, most features will just work from the website now.

Indexing has been reworked. This time Magento team has given some love to large web stores with hundreds of thousands of SKUs. Developers claim they achieved a 60% increase for product updates and other indexing operations.

Declarative schema makes updates and extension installs easier.

New API support. These most recent additions to the Magento API ecosystem are designed to improve developers’ lives. GraphQL brings the community new tools for the storefront, larger and more complex queries, and improved performance.

Bulk and asynchronous APIs are here to help with API calls timing and execution visibility. They were designed to be more scalable and can work in parallel, without the need to wait for previous calls to finish first.

There’s now a built-in two-factor authentication mechanism. Instead of using third-party extensions, 2FA becomes a native Magento 2 feature. If 2FA is not enough for you to feel safe, the updated CAPTCHA support will make you more secure against hacker attacks, too.

Upgrade or Wait?

Magento 2.3 adds a few key features and your upgrade priority will depend on your needs. If your business highly depends on complex warehouse management, has a mobile app that hinders your business growth and isn’t as popular as you’d hope, we say go for it and upgrade.

And you get better editing features, too. This is especially cool and a potential time-saver for web stores that rely heavily on banners and rapid change of visual content. Build in your favorite WYSIWYG editor and conquer the market!

New System Requirements

Note that Magento 2.3 has new system requirements. Make sure your web hosting actually supports version 2.3 before you upgrade. Among the most noticeable updates here is a dropped support for PHP v5.6 which could pose some problems for older stores. If you are interested in further discussions check the Magento Tech Digest.

Read more about all Magento 2.3 features and upgrade.

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