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Reasons why our clients turn to us

Eliminate pain The main pain point of the majority of customers who turn to us is a sad experience in collaboration with other Magento development companies. They complain about poor support from previous executors, about that they didn’t advice ways how to improve the customer's site and just stayed schtum and continued waiting for the tasks from the customer. Not being tech-savvy, the customer couldn’t realize which way him to move and which correct task to set. Therefore, the customer was beating around the bush and spending precious time to learn the ropes. We improve the situation and make everything clear to them.

Urgent help

Get Urgent help

If your Magento store is down, you need to restore operations as soon as possible. Whatever your emergency, day or night, we’re on the other end of the phone.

website performance

Boost website performance

If you realize that your Magento website is too slow, we’ll conduct an audit and remedy the situation.

to Magento 2

Migrate to Magento 2

Whether you want to migrate to Magento from another eCommerce platform, or move from Magento 1 to Magento 2, we’re here to tackle the process painlessly and fast.

Integrate with
3d-party services

Integrate with 3d-party services

We can help you integrate your Magento store with third-party services, implementing new connections.

custom modules

Develop custom modules

When you need to implement new functionalities and upgrade old ones, rely on us for personalization. Our Magento extension development company can implement all your ideas.

UI/UX design

Improve UI/UX design

If you want your design to attract more customers, rely on our expertise to create an effective user interface. As your Magento theme development company, we’ll help you choose the right theme for your store, adapting what you have already, or creating something completely new, from scratch.

Magento store
from scratch

Magento store from scratch

If you’re ready to run your own eCommerce business and have already chosen Magento as a platform for your future store, our Magento web development company is at your service.

Hire a dedicated

Hire a dedicated developer

If you need a permanent Magento developer at your disposal, to whom you can turn whenever you need to make an improvement or to consult on your store operation, look at our Magento support packages. We’ll become your Magento eCommerce agency, troubleshooting your website store.

Our strengths

  • 2011

    We established our Magento development company in 2011, so we’ve been on the eCommerce market for over 7 years, gaining huge experience. This helps us to understand how to design effect online sales sites.

  • Ready-to-start
    within 3 days

    We value our clients’ time, endeavoring to tackle Magento store improvements as quickly as possible.

  • Fortune-500
    shortlisted clients

    Among our clients are household names with high revenue turnover.

  • 50 worldwide
    delivered projects

    We’ve collaborated with many foreign customers, and continue gaining clients and testimonials.

  • Adaptation to
    your timezone

    We’ll adapt to your schedule, wherever you are, worldwide, whether you’re in Australia or the USA, or anywhere in between.

  • Personalized

    Chat directly with our project managers and programmers. We understand that direct collaboration has a positive effect on the whole process and its results.

  • Flexible

    We support almost any payment methods, and all payment periods are negotiable.

Success stories from
our clients speak for us

Our Work

Time to Upgrade

Time to Upgrade

Your Magento grows together with your business.
At some point your super-creative Digital Marketing agency fails to keep proper architecture and provide same-day delivery for new features. This is when
most clients reach Onilab.
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The happy client chats about our work

Pinks & Greens The crucial task was transferring successful offline
business into online one running on Magento. After we
explained all possible challenges that might happen offline,
the business owner agreed on it, and we started the
development process.
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