Magento Security Audit

Magento Security Audit

Magento Security Audit

Detect your website's security breaches and eliminate any risks with our Magento security audit.

Secure your Magento store to eliminate business risks

Vulnerable websites endanger user payment details and personal data, get fines for major data leaks, spread malware, lose Google search rankings, and require additional development time for maintenance. Leaked customer payment details can cost your business $100,000+ USD in fines and a huge hit to your business reputation.

Your store is your fortress

Your store is your fortress

Onilab offers security audits that identify risks and shield businesses from data leaks. Our security audit will turn your Magento store from a liability into a real asset. We leave no stone unturned in our analysis of your website and every other aspect of your online presence. Our job is to not only make you feel safe but to really protect your business.

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Our security audit team will help you:

Thoroughly test your store on different platforms, both desktop and mobile.

Review the code of third-party Magento extensions for vulnerabilities and exploits.

Carefully assess Magento roles and make recommendations about user management to mitigate role-based risks.

Closely examine both Magento and server logs to find any suspicious activity that might have slipped through other channels.

Identify all attack vectors and get recommendations on how to close them off.

Create an emergency recovery plan and a solid data backup system.

The knowledge gap analysis that everyone needs

Onilab audit consists of a battle-tested plan that leaves you with a secure and reliable website analyzed in accordance with international security best practices. Whether you need to assess another Magento team’s development skills or decided to test your established Magento store for security issues, we are excited to help.

Here’s what our security audit consists of

Here’s what our security audit consists of
  • Magento roles and privileges review
  • 3rd party code audit (extensions, themes, and other custom code)
  • Server configuration analysis including firewall rules and server config files
  • PCI compliance audit (we ensure your payment gateways let you receive, process, and store data according to law)
  • Backup and disaster recovery audit (we make sure that even in case of emergency your store can go back online with minimal disruption to business processes)

Why choose Onilab as your security audit provider?

We are certified Magento developers, and we actually spend every day building and fixing Magento stores. You can’t beat the daily practice with theory, no matter how deep.

Some contractors nitpick on minor things, but we focus on real security issues that can have a big impact on your business security. Task prioritization is vital in security.

We always use best practice risk assessment and vulnerabilities detection methods. There are both existing and potential compromises in your online security, and we bring them all to spotlight.

You are not just getting the bare minimum with our security audit. We present a forward-looking plan that prevents any possible future breach attempts.

All our recommendations are simple and to the point. We are not in the business of giving you long and obscure to-do lists - all our suggestions are practice-based, actionable, and easy to implement.

Let’s build a safe online shopping experience

As a seasoned Magento development team, we believe that the report is the byproduct of the audit and not its end goal. The result of the audit should be a handy checklist that you can use to improve your Magento security right now. That’s why in addition to a security audit, we also offer assistance in case of an attack or a data compromise.

Ethical hacking at your service

Ethical hacking at your service

We simulate attacks on various parts of your store and determine what kind of damage you can expect. Then we show you the tools to protect your store from defacing, access hijacking, data leaks, and other emergencies.

Our team will leave you fully equipped to offer your customers a safe and fast online shopping experience.

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