Magento UX Audit

Magento UX Audit

Magento UX Audit

Spot the weak points in your site or app UX design and receive explicit recommendations on fixing them from Onilab experts.

Magento UX Audit to boost sales

Magento UX Audit to boost sales

What stops your visitors from transforming into customers? Where do they get stuck? Eliminate the guesswork from your website design and improve conversion with strictly data-driven UX audits. As an experienced UX team, we focus all our attention on directing your visitors into the sales funnel and converting them into paying customers.
Every change we propose is justified by years of experience in Magento development. We work on crucial UX issues that affect conversion and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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UX Audits focused on unique Magento challenges

Based on website metrics we determine and highlight key issues with every aspect of the store:

  • Discover, study, and revert bad design decisions
  • Measure website speed and its impact on user experience
  • Analyze the position, structure, and layout of key store pages
  • Analyze whether the presented information is clear, precise, and useful
  • Highlight missing UI elements or confusing functionality that lead to lost sales
  • Study heatmaps on key pages and suggest changes to improve user behavior
  • Find customer funnels and entry points, analyze and remove obstructions
  • Bring special attention to the Checkout process and its improvement
  • Discover confusing UI elements and possible disconnects between them

Actionable UX Audit deliverables that lead to real improvement

After the audit report is ready, we list all possible issues that lead to user distrust and abandonment and combine them into a comprehensive recommendations document. We strongly believe that our Magento UX audits should be clear, to-the-point, and actionable. Based on the report, we offer a simple plan on how to fix all the issues we’ve encountered.

  • Optimize for speed and performance You can’t control what you can’t measure. We analyze your store speed and give recommendations on how to improve it.
  • Rebuild product pages to close more leads On average, your content has conversion rates of 1.5-2%. Let’s double it!
  • Improve layout and structure We create a list of actionable advice on how to organize your content in the best possible way.
  • Streamline Checkout process For the majority of Magento stores, Checkout is one of the weakest points of the whole website. This is where the most money is lost, have it fixed today!
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100% focus on your UX challenges

Onilab team works exclusively with Magento which gives us a unique perspective of the most common UX issues. Our knowledge centers around design optimization, navigation best practices, mini cart and checkout tweaks, and performance improvements.

Onilab UX Audit structure

Data collection and analysis

Before we make any recommendations we take a look at your key performance indicators and discuss your goals and vision for the store. After this stage, we go full-in.


We use the whole spectrum of UX and analytics tools to discover possible issues, understand user behavior, and explain how you can sell better. From using click and customer journey maps to adjusting product pages to certain buyer personas to A/B testing, we will bring every ace up our sleeve to make your Magento store more effective.


You get a comprehensive report on every aspect of the store. All recommendations are easy to follow and straightforward. We believe that a successful audit is an audit that led to tangible changes in the store and showed a rise in sales numbers in your bottom line.

An expert team for your toughest problems

We base our audit reports on the research of the leading world experts: Nielsen Norman Group and Baymard Institute, two of the most influential UX research teams and authority figures in applicable user experience. Working with us, you get the combination of global best practice UX advice and years of unique know-how in designing an impeccable user experience in electronic commerce.