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Magento 1 support ended on 30 June 2020

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  • If you continue running your store on an older version of Magento (1.x), you will eventually be stranded without proper support. Moreover, weak customer data security can result in huge fines from payment processors.

    magento 1 vs magento 2 problems
  • The solution is to upgrade your online store to Magento 2 as soon as possible. We offer Magento 2 migration services for painlessly transferring your store to the latest, most secure, and versatile Magento 2 platform.

    upgrade to magento 2 asap

Why migrate to Magento 2 with Onilab?

Using our help to migrate to Magento 2 is a great long-term business
decision. We are:

magento 2 migration experts magento 2 migration experts
  • Official
    We are an official

    Magento-certified partner
  • Fast
    Full Magento migration

    starting from 2-3 months
  • Experienced
    30+ successful large-scale

    migrations performed
  • Practical
    We are proactive and

    recommend the right things
  • Transparent
    Detailed reporting on

    every step we take
  • Driven
    Result-oriented approach,

    your sales are our #1 goal
Onilab will help us think through decisions with the future in mind....There's much more of a team feeling.
allison dorst magento 2 migration review
Allison Dorst
Founder and CEO, PG-active. USA

During the migration
you will:

magento 1 to magento 2 migration cost magento 2 uprade stages
  • magento 2 migration cost
    Receive an exact migration cost
  • how long magento 2 migration takes
    Know what exactly we are doing
    and how long it will take us
  • magento 2 migration transparency
    Be aware of why we are doing it and
    what’s next
  • magento 2 migrate third party integrations
    Get relevant developer input on extensions and integrations
There are no first-timers on our team. We use a systemic, practical approach to all your data and customizations. As a result, stores we migrate to Magento 2 start performing better exponentially.
art onilab ceo magento migration services
CEO, Onilab.

After migrating their stores to Magento 2
with Onilab our customers are able to:

  • magento 2 sell more
    Sell more & market better with all
    the M2 extensions and tools
  • magento 2 security
    Enjoy the most secure and

    performing platform
  • magento 2 business growth
    Focus on growing their business
    rather than tweaking the store
The migration to M2 is a complex process, and things can go wrong when handled by average teams. That is why we’ve invested into a strong & experienced Migration Department and perfected our processes.
alex onilab cto magento 2 migration services
CTO, Onilab.

Magento Migration Challenges

  • Migrating your store data to Magento 2 without any losses, as well as the complex customization that is carried out adherently, brings about a lot of challenges. It’s a multifaceted process that demands accuracy and experience, therefore, it is wise to choose in favor of Magento 2 migration services that are executed by competent experts.

    Many eCommerce businesses hire mediocre developer teams to migrate their stores to Magento 2x. As a result, the Internet is filled with complaints about Magento 2 as a platform.

    magento migration challenges
  • Our customers never experience the same issues, because here at @Onilab we know exactly how to make Magento 2 work.

    We are experts both in Magento
    Performance optimization and
    customizations, which makes our
    team the
    top pick for the complex task of Magento 2 migration. We do not just move your data from point A to point B, we eliminate bottlenecks in your Magento store code and integrations.

    magento 2 performance upgrade

Some of our recent Magento

migration projects:

  • Online Tools Store
    • 10+ custom extensions adapted
      4 months;
    • 3.7% conversion growth, load time;
    • Site load time on Magento 2 reduced by
      3 seconds compared to Magento 1;
    • 200K products migrated.
    magento migration portfolio case
  • Online Vape Store
    • Boosted Google organic traffic to Magento 2 up by 37% thanks to technical SEO tweaks;
    • Enterprise-level ERP integrated;
    • Mobile store load time reduced 3x.
    magento 2 upgrade project case study

Current migration projects:

Ready to win? Contact us today and let's discuss
your store to
the latest, more secure and functional platform.

Our Magento 2 migration process

  • Store audit

    Prior to migration, we evaluate the current state of your Magento store. Our developers list your code bottlenecks, examine your integrations and third-party plugins. This is necessary for maximizing conversion and performance later on.

  • analytics audit

    Our data experts dig deep into customer behavior and the conversions of your store. There are mission-critical pages on every store - we determine them and put together a plan to maximize conversions.

    As a result of the audit phase, you get a detailed report that evaluates your design, UX, performance, navigation, and a lot more. The report is later used to optimize your new Magento 2 store.

  • wireframing

    This is a step that causes the most problems when skipped. Unfortunately, most starter teams and freelancers don’t treat wireframing seriously. This why many Magento store owners have a bad experience with migration before turning to our experts.

    Wireframing makes sure 100% of your store functionality is documented. Every feature and interaction is put together in writing. This helps recreate business logic on your new Magento 2.x store.

    This is the point when our experts evaluate what your store actually does and suggest new features and functionality. All our suggestions are practice-based and sales-oriented.

    After approving all potential functionality changes with the client, we put together functional documentation with all the final wireframes of the store.

  • Layout

    This stage of migration to Magento is a chance to improve the design of your store. We produce desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of your Magento 2 design based on our experience and current trends.

    Documenting & approving the layout speeds up migration and saves up to 30% of developer time.

  • Actual development

    Having everything documented and approved with the customer, our team gets to work. Your Magento store is basically built from the ground up for maximum security and reliability.

    During the development stage, you get a report on the number of man-hours spent on the project during the month.

  • post development

    This stage is not compulsory, but most clients love working with us so much that they sign up for extended support and maintenance.

    This is the stage when we work on additional integrations, performance optimization, and urgent support tasks.

    The best part here is that you keep working with the same team that audited, migrated, and tweaked your store who are basically your own dedicated Magento experts.

Ready for a quick and painless Magento 2 migration?

Our experts are ready to help you grow your store!

Magento 2
migration FAQ

  • How long does it usually take to migrate an online store to Magento 2?

    With the deadline of the Magento 1 support stoppage coming closer and closer, the question of moving your store to the advanced Magento 2 platform and how much time it’ll require is quite heated.

    Keep in mind that the procedure is by far nothing like some simple copy-paste as the platforms differ from each other dramatically. There are numerous challenging factors which will determine the estimate duration for carrying out the migration to Magento 2, some of these include:
    • the amount of time needed for doing research, analysis, and planning the migration,
    • the complexity of designing and building new user experience for various devices,
    • the volume of data for the migration,
    • the scope of work required for making changes in the extensions, the backend, and the frontend,
    • as well as how experienced the team that’s responsible for the migration is.

    Everything in much depends on necessities, complexity, functionality, and expectations. Absolutely every case of migration to Magento 2 is unique. But to give a rough estimate on how long it takes, you can count on something around 4 to 6 months.

    To learn more about the subject, feel free to read the article on the Magento 2 migration duration in which the entire process is broken down.

  • What are the main steps of the Magento 2 upgrade?

    To give a brief overview, there are three key stages making up the process, each of them can be split into steps. The major Magento 1 to Magento 2 upgrade steps include:

    Step 1: Preparation Stage
    • defining the volumes and scope of work (including the number of used customizations),
    • seeking out analogous solutions for current customizations and extensions,
    • obtaining all necessary tools for the migration,
    • scheduling the time frames of the future project,
    • breaking down tasks, determining milestones and ways to measure their successful completion.
    Step 2: Predeploy Procedures
    • taking care of business process documentation,
    • distributing resources,
    • establishing performance indicators.
    Step 3: Migration Execution
    • assembling the platform for the works (installing key apps, modules, extensions, etc),
    • brushing up the theme,
    • performing necessary integrations,
    • rolling out the store on Magento 2,
    • testing out the solutions,
    • optimizing store speed and other markers,
    • releasing the finalized version,
    • handling any bug fixes or other issues that may have appeared.

    For a more detailed answer regarding the common steps which are followed by pros who provide Magento migration services, browse the Magento 2 Migration Steps Infographic.

  • What is the most difficult thing about migrating the store to Magento 2?

    Among the main challenges for performing a smooth migration include migrating data from one platform to another. During the process, numerous things need to be taken into account, such as correct structuring, transiting customized elements, among other things.

    To get an insight and find out the point of view of a professional developer, read the Magento 2 migration expert interview.

  • What are the main preparations for Magento 2 migrations?
    As mentioned previously, planning the migration is a vital step of the process. Some major points comprising preparation work prior to the migration itself include:
    • evaluating the volumes to tackle (consider breaking down each specific element, such as integrations or domains, in numbers),
    • researching and deciding which path to take in terms of extensions,
    • obtaining the best tools for a smooth transition,
    • outlining the work to be completed in milestones,
    • documenting your decisions and measurement criteria.

    To make sure that you’ve thought through all of the points, view the complete Magento 2 migration checklist.

  • How much do Magento migration services cost?
    First of all, it is vital to understand that the process of migration will really differ from case to case. For starters, each online store is unique in many ways, even in terms of features, customization complexity, and sizes. Second of all, the overall total will be calculated based on:
    • the number of hours spent by each of the different teams working on the project (UX specialists, designers, frontend and backend developers, data migration specialists),
    • the Magento migration service price-list of the specific company you chose for the job.

    To give a rough estimate, the project price range may be from 7.7k to over 100k.

    For more information on the topic, you may familiarize yourself with the comprehensive tips and a thorough explanation of Magento 2 migration costs.

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