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Craving for a high-quality progressive web app? We are the experienced Magento pros who’ll deliver you a PWA that’ll have:

  • Getting a progressive web app can skyrocket your site speed

    Flying & lightning-fast website

  • PWAs have amazing UX\UI reminiscent of native apps that users adore

    Enhanced UX / UI & a native
    application-like look & feel

  • A PWA can help improve the mobile version of your site and boost SEO

    Improved SEO & mobile device

  • Opting for a progressive web application brings mobile conversion growth

    All resulting in boosted mobile

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PWA Sites We Are Working On

Unlike most PWA development agencies who only claim that they’re good at building progressive web applications, we actually have ample experience in Magento 2 PWA development.

Feel free to browse the PWA projects we’ve made:

Our team knows the process inside and out, so you can count on a detailed price breakdown of your future PWA and top quality results.

So, Does Your Business Need a PWA?

If at least one of these statements is true for your business, it makes sense to opt for a progressive web application:

Magento PWAs are a beneficial solution, learn why your business needs one
  • You wish to improve the site's mobile conversions
    Your site has far from perfect mobile conversions and many bounces (due to slow page loads, unoptimized pages for mobile devices, poor UX or SEO).
  • You need a solution that's better than a native app
    You were thinking about getting a regular native application but want a more modern, future-oriented, and cost-effective solution.
  • You want to get the most of your M1 to M2 migration
    You’re currently migrating your website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 & wish to cut costs by getting a PWA straight away (instead of investing in one later).
  • You’d like your website to surpass what competitors have
    You wish for your site to stand out among those of other companies and want to use the capabilities of the PWA as a competitive advantage.
  • You'd be glad to enhance your business’s marketing
    You’d like to follow the lead of world-renowned brands that managed to strengthen their marketing after getting a PWA.

We get to work fast, provide detailed reports, and need no supervision.

Why We Are the Magento PWA Company for You

Our clients enjoy reasonable rates, hassle-free problem solving and 100% uptime.

We have already developed 10+ successful PWA projects

Progressive web applications are a rather new trend, and unlike most development companies who only claim to have experience in developing PWAs, we have successful PWA projects in our portfolio to show you.

Magento, PWAs, UX\UI, & eCommerce are our fields of expertise

Our multi-sided team is composed of experienced professionals in various fields. We know the entire PWA process like the back of our hands and won’t be wasting your time on our learning curve.

We’re always transparent with pricing and the results we’ll deliver you

We’ll clearly line out every pricing aspect that makes up the grand total. Plus, we'll explain what you’ll get in the end and deliver measurable high-quality results.

Deadlines are no empty boast for us and we’re those who stay in touch

We value your time and take deadlines seriously, are always open for discussion, and will willingly answer your questions as we go. Plus, we’ll provide you with timely reports on the progress.

PWAs that our Magento PWA development agency builds bring measurable results

We don't promise vague PWA results. You'll see the difference in specific before/after metrics after the release, such as an increase in page load speed, boosted conversions, and lowered bounce rates.

The Process of Magento PWA Development

To help you understand how the development process will be lined out, the procedure is generally the following:

  • Project discussion

    We get in touch and discuss your specific needs.


    We study your eCommerce store and audience.


    We analyze competitor sites, build the buyer persona, and customer portrait.


    We put together a customer journey map in order to develop a unique solution that covers the needs of your business.


    We start planning the works of the future PWA and clearly break down the costs.


    The design team then crafts the UI/UX prototypes.

  • Actual development

    Our developers build your progressive web application.

  • post development

    The app is launched, followed by post-release works.

Ready to discuss your plans?

Don’t take our word for it!

Here’s a before/after example of how the progressive web app that our Magento
PWA developers created has boosted mobile conversions by X% in as little as X months!

  • How Can Magento 2 PWAs Benefit Your Business: Explained

    Are you in two minds about whether you need a PWA for your Magento site or not? There are many reasons why it’s worth creating a progressive web application. For starters, this is a cost-effective solution in terms of development (when compared to native apps).

    Find out the main reasons why it’s worth investing in a Magento PWA

Getting a progressive web application can be very beneficial for the growth of your business.

Boost Your Mobile Conversions

As a rule, the conversions made from mobile devices are less than ideal. The mobile versions of sites are usually slow, have lousy navigation, and inconvenient UX.

According to Google stats, your conversions can increase by 15% if your site loads in 2 seconds or less. And a PWA is the “wild card” that can measurably boost the conversions of your site on mobile devices.

PWAs have completely rebuilt UX and accelerated site speed. Thus, they suit the needs of mobile users and uplift their shopping experience.

Improve KPI & Acquisition Costs

Did you know that the success of a PWA almost completely depends on properly lined out UX? Users get frustrated if they can't do something on the site when browsing it on a mobile device. E.g. tap a call to action button, close a pop-up, etc. Often it is due to inconvenient design solutions. And this can lead to your business losing money.

PWAs focus on mobile site optimization and accelerated page speed. They have enhanced UX & UI that gives a native app-like feel. With this combo, you can improve your KPI and acquisition costs.

Retain More Customers with Push Notifications

It’s no secret that it’s much easier to sell something to an existing client than to a completely new one. In fact, returning customers on average bring over a quarter of the revenues.

Contrary to common belief, a PWA can help to retain more customers. This is possible with push notification functionality. Such reminders pull clients back into the sales funnel, effectively growing repeat site visits and purchases. It's good for boosting customer loyalty in general too.

Strengthen Your Site’s SEO

Page speed is among the main factors that influence a site’s ranking. Thus, if the pages load sluggishly, no website can go far. This regards search engine optimization and making leaps within the organic SERPs. The same applies to improving bounce rates. No user likes to waste time waiting for the page content to load. And if things open slowly, most users leave the site.

With a PWA, you can strengthen your site’s SEO and rankings. Extremely fast page opening times and enhanced site speed have a positive impact on that.

PWA’s Can Be Used Offline

Although most of today’s traffic is carried out on 4G, not all corners of the planet have fast Internet. Not to mention that in some countries and markets the Internet is still a limited resource. Most websites are packed with weighty and complex elements, pages take a while to load. This highly affects user dissatisfaction.

PWAs allow you to get a grip on the audience that struggles with poor Internet connection issues. And you can tackle this client segment thanks to the PWA’s possibility to be used offline.

PWAs Work from the Browser

Noting other top Magento PWA features, they work from any mobile browser. Unlike native apps, PWAs don't require direct downloads from the AppStore or Google Play. This means practically instant installation (no waiting time when adding the PWA to the home screen).

Furthermore, PWAs don’t take up any storage space on the user’s device. They’re more of a link rather than a weighty native app that can get deleted to save device memory space. They don’t need any updates from the user’s side either, eliminating any app maintenance. All of the above means that your clients become likelier to use the PWA app longer.

Let’s cover some of the highlights:
  • Mobile Conversions
  • KPI & Acquisition Costs
  • Push Notifications
  • SEO
  • PWA Offline Use
  • PWAs Work from the Browser


Our clients enjoy reasonable rates, hassle-free problem solving and 100% uptime.

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