Magento Analytics Audit

Magento Analytics Audit

Magento Analytics Audit

Make better business decisions and drive sales with the results of our Magento analytics audit.

Discover how you can make your store sell more

With proper Google Analytics set up, our clients see how exactly their stores perform

Discover how you can make your store sell more

Collecting website analytics data is not enough. You need to analyze and use this data in your day-to-day
work. Onilab Google Analytics audit services will help you use Google Analytics to drive sales and make informed
business decisions.
In e-commerce, information is everything. We will help you set up and configure Google Analytics and
other data collection tools and set important conversion and engagement goals within GA.

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Look at your visitors from a different angle

Look at your visitors from a different angle

Your current data can tell you a lot about your customers. Learn how your users interact with your store, which pages they read more often, where they get stuck, what improvements will get you more sales: there is so much more you can get out of your Google Analytics that’s just lying there.

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Optimize every page with an in-depth GA data report

Data is beautiful. But unless you make an effort to use it as your constant driver for change, it will remain an asset without purpose. Use the data that you collect to your advantage. Convert countless charts and sessions into meaningful user stories and insightful reports. Uncover issues in the customer shopping experience and constantly improve your sales numbers.

We deliver

full range of Google analytics audit services
an optimal configuration of Google Analytics tools
efficient setup of conversion and engagement goals
full cleanup of GA data from spam, internal sessions, and junk data
verification of existing tracking targets and their effectiveness
Further creative suggestions on data and behavior you can track

We help you replace guesswork with data

You will always know what to do next to sell more, capture more leads, and promote new products. Where other stores will waste money on a lot of things in hopes that something sticks, you can be sure that every decision you make is based on solid facts and clear data.

Build a data-driven business with a dedicated Magento team

Onilab works exclusively with Magento. We believe that this is the best way to build a team of experts in developing, configuring, and optimizing web stores in e-commerce. Our expertise both in Magento and web analytics creates a strong skill set that we use to deliver a comprehensive Google Analytics performance audit.

We Deliver Results Accurate

We know how to configure your Gaoogle Analytics to exclude junk, spam, self-visits, crawlers, data anomalies, and edge values.

We Deliver Results Complete

Years of working with Google Analytics tools allowed us to get to know GA like the back of our hand. We collect 100% of useful data. Nothing is left out.

We Deliver Results Actionable

Data without analysis is useless. We convert bland charts into answers to your most pressing questions so you can make sound business decisions based on trustworthy information.

Work with certified Magento analytics experts and get insights that generic companies lack.

Know your customers to win them over

Uncover crucial behavior trends, explore new possibilities for growth, and highlight your biggest showstoppers. Return customers to the sales funnel, improve landings and product pages, and work on other issues based on trustworthy and complete data from your Magento store. Onilab Google Analytics audit is where your data becomes your competitive advantage.