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Your store. 10x faster

67% of Magento store owners have technical challenges that their teams cannot solve. We help them
overcome technical complexity, lack of internal expertise, and lack of optimization experience. Since 2011
we’ve optimized 100+ high-volume Magento stores and can tell you from experience how a faster store
transforms your online business.

Performance Report*

PageSpeed score D (67%) A (92%)
Fully loaded time 6.6s 1.2s
Total page size 3.2MB 327KB
Requests 47 14

* real customer data

magento sales optimization
Better sales funnel

at least 5% conversion

magento optimization seo
More traffic from Google

average 36% organic traffic increase

high load magento optimization
Reliable work under load

3x-5x higher workloads

magento optimization sales
Increased sales

+7% average growth

magento optimization bounce rate
Rise in customer

34% lower bounce rate

magento optimization pagespeed score
Impeccable Pagespeed score

90+ score guaranteed

optimization results

Low speed works as a roadblock for your store. It’s a
problem for your customers, your content team, your
contractors, and your bottom line. With us you can outrun
the fastest competitors on the market. We guarantee that
after our work you will:

Increase magento 2 speed

There are 5 main challenges every Magento store needs to solve. And although
they are unique to every store, over the
years we’ve built an efficient system to deal
with them. That is why optimization extensions will never be
as effective
because they only work for small stores.

Analyze user behavior
magento speed up services kpi
Analyze user behavior.
Discuss your KPIs & business

Using Google Analytics and other tools we analyze user behavior to find out which parts of the store offer the worst user experience and require our attention the most.

We discuss your KPIs and business challenges to make sure the optimization process is aligned with your business goals.

Optimize Magento core
magento core optimization
Magento core

We optimize Magento core to speed up every task. Without proper configuration, a single product with multiple attributes can slow down an entire catalog of your store.

Fix and optimize third-party extensions
magento extension optimization
Fix and optimize third-party

We fix and optimize third-party extensions that create multiple database queries which can bog down even a fast server setup. We review the extension code, find where the bottleneck is and make these extensions work in synergy with one another.

We bundle these queries together to reduce the load on the database server.

Rewrite previous customizations
custom magento speed up
Rewrite previous

We rewrite previous customizations because they are another huge challenge. Good knowledge of PHP doesn't always equal good knowledge of Magento.

Sometimes we have to rewrite the whole code from the ground-up to get rid of inefficiencies introduced by the previous team and speed up the store.

Improve your store scalability
magento user behavior optimization
Improve your store scalability

We improve your store scalability. Developers don't test their extensions on large-scale stores simulating massive loads from thousands of customers shopping online.

This leads to extensions that work fine on smaller Magento stores and at the same time make large-scale stores unusable.

magento code optimization bottleneck review
Try us out before fully committing

We are confident we can deliver the best results on the market. But there is no pressure to commit before you see what we can do for you.

Based on our expertise, our engineer will take 25-40 hours to deliver a custom-tailored comprehensive Code Bottleneck Report with detailed optimization instructions and see how exactly we will speed up your Magento store.

Steps to speed up your store

We are ready to start the project within 2 days after the kickoff meeting. Once the project starts, we will setup advanced server analytics and start collecting data about server performance to find bottlenecks in the code.

magento performance optimization services stages
Fill in the contact form to get in touch with our reps
magento performance optimization services evaluation
Our optimization experts start the evaluation (25 to 40 hrs)
magento performance optimization services code bottleneck review magento performance optimization services code bottleneck review
You get an actionable code bottleneck review
onilab developers speed up magento onilab developers speed up magento
Use Onilab developers or any other team to implement the changes

Latest success stories

Just a few examples of clients we've helped improve their Magento speed and performance

Magento Performance Audit

Even a seemingly fast store will benefit from a Magento performance audit. While running a thorough store performance check we eliminate all bottlenecks that will cost you sales if your site goes viral.

Once we run your Magento store performance audit you will get a detailed report evaluating your hosting, back-end, and front-end optimization recommendations, as well as UX suggestions.

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