Bright Star Kids is a famous leading brand on the Australian market which has
been making thousands of children and their parents happy. Bright
Star Kids is the region's leader in creating personalized school accessories, branded
clothes and, of course, stickers for kids. The labels that a customer orders are
absolutely personalized. Each client creates a unique design and format of the
sticker with the help of a custom sticker designer on the company's website.

The Challenge

The main problem our clients faced was the unorganized work
with the previous vendors. Bright Star Kids had to deal with the
fact that they actually spent their budget on constant Skype calls
and negotiations with the vendor. Obviously, this situation did not
satisfy our future clients and they were craving for a change. We
showed Bright Star Kids that work should be carried out
effectively within their planned budget.

The client assumed that we would quickly adapt to the time
and establish the work process that would correspond to
the level of their business. We managed to establish a
continuous process of development and support for the online
store. We assigned a special team that quickly adapted to the
current tasks and managed to make truly revolutionary
improvements for our client's business.

The development process

The main technical problem was the poor performance of the site, namely the load time of the products
and categories pages. It was necessary to optimize duplicate requests. This also required reconstruction
of the whole website, implementation of new features and integrations, migration to the more powerful server
and its adjustments.

Services stack we implemented

  • Personalization
  • UI/UX design
  • Responsive design
  • Performance optimization
  • Third-party integration
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More easy-to-use swift shopping cart

Magento shopping cart development

We developed a shopping cart that opens in a pop-up on the right, and not on a separate page as usually. This improved customer experience greatly, which was proved by A/B testing. The tests have shown that the new checkout speeds up the process of placing an order as the customers don’t have to go to another page.

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Convenient custom goods online designer

Magento configurable product options

From the database with a large number of pre-designed templates, fonts, models, styles, the buyer, with the help of a designer, can compose a T-shirt he likes. He can also personalize any product and immediately a request for manufacturing.

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Integration with payment & parcel services

Magento payment and shipping module

To speed up the process of delivering goods to a customer, we linked the Starship parcel service and several convenient payment services on customer’s choice (PayPal, OneTouch, Braintree, and AfterPay).

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A bridge between Magento, Amazon and eBay

Magento eBay Amazon integration

After the integration of the store of the client with Amazon and eBay, orders get into the Magento admin control panel for further processing.

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Autoscaling & server migration to Amazon

AWS Magento (Migrate Magento from one server to another)

Amazon is a more powerful server for online stores with a branched structure. Autoscaling makes it possible to respond more flexibly to changes in traffic and load on the site: the more users, the greater the load and the more powerful servers are involved to maintain the site.

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CDN integration, server & code optimization

Best CDN for Magento

We adjusted the server, optimized the code, put more high-speed PHP7 and implemented CDN. Content Delivery Network allowed for saving pages of the site in cache of the server responsible for a certain region from which traffic arrives on the site. Accordingly, the information is downloaded from the local server, and not from the main server, which significantly speeds up the site load in total.

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  • 26%
  • 50%
  • 80%
  • 40%
  • 40%
  • 31%
  • User sessions with
    product views on the
    site increased by 26%

  • The Cart abandonment
    indicator decreased
    by 50%

  • Server response time
    decreased from 2 seconds
    to 0.4 seconds

  • Page load time
    by 40%

  • Total sales
    by 40%

  • The Add to cart
    indicator on the site
    increased by 31%

Masterminds creating
the project

  • Dmitriy Project Manager / Team Lead
  • Artyom Senior Magento Developer
  • Andrey Magento Developer
  • Vladislav Frontend Developer
  • Ann UI/UX Designer
  • Victoria Business Development Manager
  • Evgeniy QA Engineer



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