Core Web Vitals Optimization For Magento

Magento Core Web Vitals

Starting from June 2021, Core Web Vitals will be included in Google's algorithms. Prepare for the upcoming update and keep your store in the Green Zone with our Magento pros. What you'll get:

  1. All your Core Web Vitals are green
  2. Considerable boost in Google rankings
  3. Lightning-fast website speeds
  4. Perfect UX that explodes conversions

Fix Core Web Vitals Issues. Stay Visible.

Perfomance Report*

Cumulative Layout Shift0.440.000tableDown.png
Largest Contentful Paint5.6 s2.2 stableUp.png
First Input Delay245 ms26 mstableUp.png

* real customer data

87% of eCommerce stores aren't ready for the Core Web Vitals update. FID, CLS, and LCP are Google's top 3 page experience metrics that affect both rankings and conversions.

We help merchants bridge over technical difficulties, overcome lack of optimization experience, and fix every single issue. Since 2011, we've optimized 100+ Magento stores and are ready to deliver the expertise to our clients.

What Magento Core Web Vitals Optimization Does For Your Business?*

  • Boosted SEO RankingsAnalytics predict at least a 10% boost in search visibility
  • Better Sales5-10% increase in conversions thanks to speed optimization
  • Lift in Customer Satisfaction0-20% lower bounce rate

* the numbers can vary depending on your store's conditions and business type

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Full-scale Core Web Vitals Optimization For Magento. Be Prepared.

Poor UX and slow page loading speed are roadblocks for your business growth. With Core Web Vitals, we finally have a clear view into what the customers are experiencing. Turn to us to prepare for the upcoming update and get your Magento store in the Green Zone.

Largest Contentful Paint


Poor score can be caused by:

  • Slow server response times
  • Render-blocking JS and CSS
  • Slow resource loading times
  • Client-side rendering


First Input Delay


Poor score can be caused by:

  • Long tasks on the main thread
  • Render-blocking JS
  • Long JavaScript execution times

Cumulative Layout Shift


Poor score can be caused by:

  • Dynamically injected content
  • Unoptimized images and media
  • Web fonts causing FOIT/FOUT

The Best Possible Optimization Results. Guaranteed.

The Best Possible Optimization Results. Guaranteed.

We've been gathering eCommerce expertise since 2011. The obtained competencies help our partners win the markets, and, consequently, boost their revenue.

We're inspired by the results our clients have achieved with the Magento Core Web Vitals optimization services. With us, you will get:

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What Make Us Different

Hassle-free troubleshooting, affordable rates, and 100% uptime.

We Are Magento Specific

We optimize page experience metrics beyond the basics of Google's guidelines. Relying on the Magento experience, we use our own practices that aren't publicly known.

Over 100 Cases In Our Portfolio

Unlike most companies who only claim to be experienced in Core Web Vitals optimization, we have successful projects in our portfolio to show you.

No Excuses & Shifting Estimates

We take deadlines seriously. Our engineer will spend 25-40 hours to deliver a

We Bring Measurable Results

You'll see the difference in the Core Web Vitals before/after metrics in our detailed report to ensure your store is perfectly optimized and 100% prepared for the update.

We Are Transparent With Pricing

We provide you with a detailed pricing breakdown that describes what kind of expenses you should be ready for.

The Process of Magento Core Web Vitals Optimization: Explained

We are ready to start working on your store within 2 business days after the initial meeting. We begin with an audit that explains all the factors contributing to your poor Core Web Vitals score. Then, we offer you a precise plan to reach the optimization targets. Once we both agree, our developers get started and fix your code issues.

  1. Fill in the form to get in touch with our reps

  2. Our Magento optimization team initiates the evaluation

  3. You get an in-depth review on your store's performance and optimization issues

  4. Use Onilab's developers or your own team to make the improvements