Magento SEO Audit

Magento SEO Audit

Magento SEO Audit

Maximize the traffic and boost sales by conducting a thorough Onilab Magento SEO audit services. We'll research the keywords, detect duplicate content, optimize images, create an efficient content strategy, provide link-building recommendations, etc.

Fast SEO audit to maximize your organic traffic

For online stores, organic search traffic offers the biggest potential to grow sales. How well your store is optimized will directly determine how many new customers you get every month. Magento is confusing for generalist SEO teams who are not familiar with how it works. As an experienced Magento dev team, we will easily uncover all technical SEO issues with your store and give you detailed advice on how to fix them.

In our SEO audit, we focus on critical issues that hinder your store from climbing higher in the SERPs. Where others give basic answers that don’t really impact your business performance, Onilab offers practical solutions - code and settings tweaks.

Learn what keeps you from getting top spots for the best keywords

Learn what keeps you from getting top spots for the best keywords

Uncover full potential of Magento with the SEO expertise we provide to our customers. We fully analyze your store to offer real value in every deliverable. We started auditing the customer’s store in terms of SEO in May and in July our changes kicked in and resulted in organic traffic growth

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Here’s what you can expect

  • Configure efficient SEO monitoring tools to instantly see any issues with SEO rankings
  • Become more visible in the local communities to gain traction in location-specific searches
  • Eliminate duplicate content and unindexable elements on your store
  • Help create a content strategy to drive more organic traffic to the store
  • Outline keywords and niches where progress will be most efficient
  • Offer link building advice based on your goals and resources
  • Rebuild key store elements that hinder traffic-driven growth
  • Set new and meaningful Google Analytics goals
  • Optimize images and other media elements
  • Filter out unhelpful data from the charts to let you focus on real trends and problems

Leverage SEO for more sales!

Expand from one niche to another. Rank higher and compete with online shopping giants for the most profitable and traffic-heavy keywords with a detailed SEO strategy we build specifically for your store.

How is Onilab different?

We’ve been working on optimizing Magento stores for 7+ years. Our expertise is in the extremely narrow focus on Magento online shopping experience. We are excited to give you insight others don’t have.

Focused on Value Delivery

Instead of being lost in technicalities and minor details, we focus on how SEO can bring more customers to your store.

Prioritizing Tangible Results

Our SEO audit doesn’t take weeks to finish. You get first results within one-two days.

Offering Magento SEO Expertise

At the end of the SEO audit, your team receives a clear step-by-step guide on how to improve your Magento store.