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Visualizing purchases

Choosing the appropriate theme is a vital step in creating an online store. Your choice of
design should reflect the types of commodities being sold on your site, and your chosen
business strategy. Your Magento design should tempt customers to make a purchase, with
fast, user-friendly navigation, enabling purchase within a few clicks. Through our Magento
theme development, we’ll implement the best trends in marketing design.

Our Magento
website design services include

  • Usability

    We can test your current site’s user-friendliness and recommend the best choices to raise your traffic. We’ll help enhance the behavioral metrics of your site, to promote customer growth.

  • Magento
    responsive design

    We’ll develop a Magento responsive theme for use on all devices, at any resolution. Flexible and fast, our solution will ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and allows use of a cross-browser.

  • Proper visual

    We’ll find the best way to lead your customer towards final purchase, helping them move easily from your home page, around the site, with easy-to-view headlines, graphic elements, and pictures.

  • Brand

    We’ll use your corporate identity within your Magento theme design, creating icons and buttons bearing your brand logo.

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Why Magento
is the best choice

When creating a responsive website, we use a ‘fluid-grid’ flexible page structure, with
proportions set as percentages. In addition, our responsive design applies fluid images and
text blocks. If the width of the page is reduced, all content is smoothly compressed, with
structural elements reducing in relative size, to allow the user to continue viewing easily.
So, for example, if your website has a 3-column structure, on a narrower screen,
this may become 2 columns, or a single column.

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Figures proving that mobile-friendly design is essential

Figures proving that
mobile-friendly design is essential

Resource Datainsight has conducted research on ecommerce, proving the importance of stores having a mobile version of their site. Online shopping is often spontaneous, and mobile devices, which are always to hand, are increasingly used for ordering goods through the Internet. With our busy lifestyles, many of us prefer to use mobile phones for online shopping; accordingly, it makes sense for ecommerce to gradually migrate to mobile channels. First-rate Magento responsive design ensures constant flow of customers through mobile devices.

  • 26%

    of online purchases are made through mobile devices

  • 30%

    of sales are lost by online stores for lack of mobile-friendly design

  • 45%

    of online shop traffic is conducted through mobile devices

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