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Best CRM for Magento – eCommerce CRM Integration Practices to Reenergize Your Store

Ecommerce CRM Integration

CRM is a special business solution where the client is the center of a company’s attention and efforts. It means you should interact with your customers in ways to demonstrate all their needs are of primary importance to your enterprise. The main goal of following this approach is to create a single ecosystem for attracting new and retaining existing customers. Consequently, by managing these relationships, you expand your base of clients, turn neutral buyers into loyal customers, and establish beneficial business partnerships.

This solution automates the company’s internal processes and leads to unified standards of relations with customers.

CRM is not an abstract unit; here is a great definition for this magic invention. A CRM system is a specialized software for automating business processes, procedures, and operations in accordance with a company's CRM strategy. In this innovative world, we hardly find any actively developing company without a customized warehouse or accounting system not using a CRM system. This trend is caused by the advantages CRM systems give modern businesses. This solution automates the company’s internal processes and leads to unified standards of relations with customers by:

  • allowing the creation of a single database of customers and counterparties and brings it to common standards;
  • allowing the effective monitoring of the sales department’s work (this can be done at any time);
  • allowing the monitoring of the effectiveness of the work with leads (incoming calls, requests), as well as obtaining statistics and analytics;
  • allowing the creation of successful business development strategies and expansion plans, and the improvement of the quality of work.

Top 5 CRM Integrations With Magento

ECommerce is a sphere that takes extra benefits from using a CRM system as it is based on constant interaction with people. Considering Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, in this article, we share with you the best eCommerce CRM systems you should use for integration with Magento.

Top 8 CRM Integrations With Magento

Choosing the most suitable eCommerce CRM for your Magento online store, you have two options:

  • Installation of a Magento CRM extension from a store;
  • Development of a bespoke CRM system.

Let’s take a look at the most popular extensions in the official store for successful Magento CRM integration.

1. Magento Salesforce CRM Integration

Magento SalesForce integration

Today, Salesforce is a leader in this area due to its impressive spectrum of possibilities, easy installation, convenient interface and innovative capabilities. Using Salesforce, it is unnecessity to organize expensive training, keep appropriate IT specialists, or upgrade your computing power. Salesforce eliminates these expenditures through Cloud Computing technology. It includes Sales Cloud designed for sales automation and management of customer relationships, and, a cloud-based solution allowing users to organize the operation of customer services based on the principles of the “Help Desk” through email, IP-telephone, web-channels and social networks. 

By installing Magento 2 Salesforce CRM Integration extension, you can synchronize all of your client’s required data (name, purchased goods, payment, date, etc) obtained from the Magento 2 platform to your Salesforce CRM system. Using this data, you have the ability to create a portrait of your average client and segment your customer base on different criteria as gender, demographic, paying capacity, and other factors. As a result, you can conduct more effective marketing campaigns increase ROI and conversion rates. Considering the main purpose of any CMS software is simplification of interaction processes, Salesforce CRM integration with Magento helps establish and maintain warm relationships with clients increasing their lifetime value and total profitability. All you need to start benefiting from this solution is to create a Salesforce CRM account. The good news is Salesforce serves both large and small businesses providing modest packages starting from $25/month.

2. Magento Zoho CRM Integration

Magento Zoho CRM integration

Zoho is an irreplaceable tool for owners of online stores who follow their marketing strategy thoroughly and have an accurate sales funnel for determining at what stage the client is. Like the Salesforce platform for Magento CRM integration, the Zoho extension provides the ability to synchronize customer data between your online store and Zoho CRM Leads, Contacts, and Accounts. Moreover, Zoho includes other sections where you can track appropriate information that is constantly updated and synchronized. For example:

  • Zoho CRM Orders, where you are able to track the order history of your Magento online store;
  • Zoho CRM Campaigns, where you can store and analyze the results of your marketing campaigns;
  • Zoho CRM Products, where you can view the current assortment in your online store;
  • Zoho CRM Price Book, where you can segment your products into categories;
  • Zoho CRM Custom Invoices, where you can monitor all transactions and keep invoices;and many other synch features.

Zoho is the best CRM for Magento if you want to have constant access to up-to-date data and significant older information, so consider contacting a . Especially beneficial are their packages. You can start at $12/month.

3. Magento Agile CRM Integration

Magento Agile CRM intergation

In recent times, owners of Magento platforms got the possibility of integrating their stores with Agile CRM. This long-expected improvement provides users with the required tools for reducing cart abandonment, increasing revenues, and building a wide customer base. This integration can be considered as a top eCommerce automation solution uniting two important fields: management of customer service and management of trading operations.  Using the Agile system, you are able to determine who your customers are, their contact data, preferences, consumer behavior, automate interaction processes, and schedule meetings. 

This software allows optimization of working operations and management of transactions through a convenient dashboard supporting drag-and-drop.The Agile CRM system also provides complete integration with IP-telephony, mailing, social media, and other marketing channels. This is accompanied by convenient pop-ups, notifications, surveys, and forms for effective communication with clients.

Agile is one of the best CRMs for Magento due to its additional advantages of personalization, shopping metrics, cross-channel campaigns, popups, and web grabbers. Thanks to them, you are able to conduct highly effective promotion campaigns via different marketing channels relying on clients’ real interests and actions.

4. Magento SugarCRM Integration

Magento SugarCRM integration

SugarCRM is a commercial, open-source system for sales management and customer support. Users appreciate it for being extremely convenient and customizable. It can be supplied as a web service, or as an installed system. The owners of Magento online stores can find in SugarCRM all the possibilities they need to effectively communicate with their clients. Full integration and synchronization between the CRM system and the Magento platform, management of sales processes, storage of all important information, including customer data, invoices, results of marketing campaigns, etc. are possible.

In addition to basic features, SugarCRM software is focused on telephone opportunities. In cooperation with PingWin Software, SugarCRM has developed an integration module for the corporate telephone system based on Asterisk. 

Employees can receive and make calls directly from the SugarCRM interface. The CRM automatically records information about incoming and outgoing calls, including audio records of conversations. In this way, the accumulated information about calls and negotiations with customers provides additional tools for monitoring the work of sales staff and reduces customer waiting time and the number of intermediate stages when contacting the company. This, in turn, increases the quality of customer service and fosters loyalty.

The company has announced the expansion of the capabilities of this platform with the IBM solution, Cognos Business Intelligence, to provide deep business intelligence simultaneously with reporting functions, summary dashboards, tables, and graphs of indicators. These new features are primarily focused on medium and large businesses.

5. Magento Dynamics CRM Integration

Magento Dynamics CRM integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a flexible and affordable system allowing you to maintain data on counterparties including the history of interactions, track potential transactions, and automate the use of sales methodology by company specialists.

It provides a variety of useful tools for planning, organizing and monitoring the work of the sales team. You get a predictable, measurable, controlled and complete system of interaction with the client, functionality for effective work of employees, and analytics for making managerial decisions.

The most attractive feature of this software is the creation of a client card which not only stores contact information in the CRM system, but also provides access to the interaction history and tasks to be performed. Thereby, your employees can be provided with information on the value of the customer and his/her preferences and use this in various sales scenarios (from cold calls to customer service with a long cycle).Microsoft Dynamics CRM Magento integration is a winning solution for owners of eCommerce platforms since it contains a large number of analytical reports for company executives including reports on forecasting, analysis of sales activity, evaluation of efficiency, etc.

6. Magento HubSpot CRM Integration

HubSpot CRM and Magento integration creates a great opportunity for business owners to organize marketing campaigns and customer-related information. Furthermore, it provides the chance to automate a wide range of CRM tasks, triggered by specific actions within Magento. The integration helps to increase the number of new customers and better retain the existing ones, due to the numerous features the CRM presents. We included HubSpot in our list of the best CRMs for Magento 2 not only because of the free access it provides. Another important detail that makes HubSpot different from other CRMs is the ability to track email engagement and support an unlimited number of users even on a free plan. By integrating the CRM with Magento 2, you can:

  • Reactivate abandoned carts and non-paid orders and use them as an opportunity to re-engage users
  • Automate upsell, cross-sell, and reorder emails
  • Collect all customer data and attributes from your Magento store, including recent activity, abandoned carts, AOV, lifetime customer statistics, order information, checkouts, and more
  • Set triggers to automate your marketing and sales campaigns and track your customer’s journey at every step
  • Track product inventory, invoices, and shipments

7. Magento Freshsales CRM Integration 

Freshsales CRM by Freshwork is definitely one of the best CRMs for Magento. With this integration, you can benefit from multichannel support, AI-based lead scoring, and activity tracking within your Magento environment. Freshsales include lead, deal, and account management tools that allow your team to find new customers, walk them toward the end of the pipeline tracking every step, so nothing will fall through the crack. Freshsales CRM for Magento has a bunch of capabilities aimed at improving sales processes. The integration lets you get in touch with your leads right from the CRM: make calls, send personalized emails. This process takes only a few clicks and all activities are logged automatically. What is more, Freshsales uses Artificial Intelligence to score leads. The system discovers sales-ready buying signals, reacts to them by notifying reps about the readiness of the prospect to make the purchase, and reorders leads as per their selling potential. Moreover, Freshsales provides you with actionable insights into a customer’s engagement level so that it enables you to track every customer at every stage of your pipeline in the most appropriate way. Due to the fact that this CRM for Magento 2 specializes in increasing sales, it offers actionable tools for finding new leads. For example, you can filter new leads by various parameters to find beneficial suggestions.

8. Magento Vtiger CRM Integration

At first glance, Vtiger is just another CRM that provides a connection of the data between e-commerce stores and the system. However, if we take a closer look at its features and capabilities, we will see that it is a functional and integrated solution package for every aspect of the business. It basically reduces the gap between marketing, sales, and support teams with the help of different tools. By installing the Magento 2 Vtiger CRM Integration extension, merchants can make use of robust sales support features such as deal nurturing triggers, auto reminds, visualized sales pipeline, etc. The CRM always keeps your sales reps informed by providing informative and insightful reports about both lead generation and nurturing. The Vtiger CRM extension integrated with Magento 1 or 2 collects data from your e-commerce website and displays it on the user-friendly panel. Thus, all Customers, Contacts, Organizations, Leads, and other information from a Magento store is transferred and refreshed automatically. Additionally, if any changes occur, the module auto-updates the data without the need for manual import. Finally, Vtiger can help with inventory management as it supports auto-transferring and refreshing the product details, stock information, pricing.

Clients At The Heart Of Your Business

No matter what CRM extension for Magento integration you choose the needs of your clients are the highest priority of your business. Always remember CRM is much more than a tool for managing relationship with buyers. It is a whole philosophy helping you find a winning approach to your clients. To make this approach as effective as possible, you should come up with new solutions suitable to each unique case. Not all out-of-the-box extensions can perfectly match the needs and wishes of your customers, and that is why Magento users prefer the development of bespoke CRM systems. The custom-made CRM is the active core of your unique philosophy, and it is the right way to the clients’ hearts.

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