Product Results in Google Search Console for Magento Stores

Product Results in Google Search Console for Magento Stores

Product Results in Google Search Console for Magento Stores

This fall Google team sent a nice Thanksgiving present to all data analytics lovers. Starting from November 2019, Google Search Console will have a brand new report dedicated solely to product results.

The new report is available at Google Console > Performance > Search Appearance. This is what it looks like now.

google search console ecommercerich_results_report_1

Note: Go to Google Search Console. Open Performance tab that is located to the left. If you don’t see Product Results in the available Search Appearance list (it’s located just below the main chart), this means you need to manually create product results on your Magento store.

Three Reasons Why It’s Cool

So why should you care, you might ask, right? The new report offers unique insight into data that was previously hard to segregate. Right now Magento store owners can see a lot more:

  • See impressions and clicks for products with product results only. This is important because you see how much traffic goes through product results when customers know the price, availability, and product rating beforehand.

Previously, product results were hard to segregate from the bulk of user engagement statistics which made it hard to assess how users engage with this new type of content. One of the reasons we believe Google introduced the new feature is to convince stores that ultimately it’s in their best interest to apply the new advanced data format to all store products.

  • Compare how traditional search results stack up to product results. Measure their respective CTRs to make an informed decision whether it’s worth it to convert all search results into product results or not.

Most of the time, product results offer better user engagement and convert into bigger sales numbers but it’s not always the case. The new metric will offer you a better insight into how your users interact with different types of products on Google.

  • Get insight into how product results change over time. Monitor the timeline closely to quickly catch new trends in shoppers’ interest including exact product queries. The timeline is a powerful feature for all Magento store owners since it offers the ability to understand current trends and make informed decisions on what to expect in the near future.

As shoppers get more accustomed to product results, though, we are sure to see better engagement and growing customer satisfaction in the future.

Let’s Get Technical. How Does It Work?

magento product listing handbag_example_feed

Most of the time product search results don’t appear on their own (which is kind of expected). There’s a certain development effort you need to invest in order to make them appear (look up the guide how to create product results for Magento).

To be fair, Google can show more data on your product on its own, even if you don’t have your pages adapted for product results. But in case you want to get total control over how your products appear on Google SERP, you’ll need to create product feeds yourself.

In order to do that, you can either use JSON-LD, RDFa, or Microdata markup. Their application should be restricted to single products and won’t work for categories or product grids. However, you can create markup schemes for multiple individual products on their product category, for example.

Adopting product results into your Magento store a good idea anyway since Google will expand on how it shows products on its search page even further. Google team has already announced the adoption of supplemental feeds which might be the next step towards how Google sees search-enabled online shopping in the future.

Google Search Console Is More Useful for Magento Than You Think

Most Magento store owners don’t really pay attention to Google Search Console. In the majority of cases, they are more concerned with Google Analytics stats, neglecting the possibilities that the Search Console offers.

We think that with this update more marketers and online store owners will see value in looking closely into what the Console can tell them about their customers and how they shop in the ever-changing online landscape.

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