Magento Consulting Services

Magento Consulting Services

Magento Consulting Services

Are you:

  • Entering e-Commerce & looking for a reliable tech partner?
  • Wondering if your Magento store works as it should?
  • Tired of having to vet through mediocre, expertise-poor teams?

If the answer to any of those is “yes” — let our Magento consultants take over.

Meet some of our superstars

  • Enterprise-level companies branching out into e-Commerce
  • Established Magento stores willing to maximize sales
  • Companies looking for independent evaluation of their dev contractors
  • Entrepreneurs looking to avoid costly tech mistakes

We identify problems you never knew existed and offer effective and elegant solutions that don’t require major store overhaul. Our consultants help increase bottom line, avoid incompetent contractors, and maximize potential.

With over 10 years of Magento development and a full team of professionals — we are the Magento expert consulting group you’ve been looking for.

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Here's how Magento consultants will help

Our consulting services are designed to help you:

Save time

We will tell you what features, integrations, and tweaks your store actually needs.

Save money

Received a quote for Magento development? Let us evaluate it and see if you’ll be overpaying.

Sell more

67% of Magento stores could be selling more with simple UX & checkout tweaks.

Avoid a trainwreck

E-Commerce is a demanding domain. Make sure your investment is not going the wrong way!

What you get from our consultants

What you get from our consultants

The goal of Magento Consulting services by Onilab is to give you all you may ever need Magento-wise. Whatever information, expertise, or services you lack to create a scalable, selling Magento store — is right at your fingertips with our consultants.

We’ve been managing various Magento projects for over a decade, from building and servicing high-load Magento stores to delving into PWA development. Based on our experience we can say that over 60% of online store owners make wrong choices at first.

Magento consulting services are designed to help you avoid bad decisions in design, coding, hiring, planning, SEO, and marketing. Our team has worked with so many stores in so many different niches that we instantly know a bad idea when we see it.

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How to get Magento Consulting

  1. Fill out the form above

    Describe your Magento support needs

  2. Get contacted

    Talk to our rep within 48 hours and go over the specific details of your project

  3. Meet your Consultant team

    Talk to your designated Magento professional (developer, designer, business analyst — you name it)

  4. Get you deliverables

    You will get an audit report or a development price quote based on your needs

  5. Implement necessary changes

    Improve your store for higher conversions and better sales using our Magento developers or your in-house team.

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Magento 2 consulting

Magento 2 consulting

Magento 1.x will stop receiving support and security patches in 2020. Onilab has been actively involved in Magento 2 migration— we’ve helped dozens of high-load stores migrate to the more secure Magento 2.
If you are still on the fence about Magento 2 migration and unsure about the costs and time necessary to make the move — our Magento consultants will evaluate your store.

Magento 2 consulting and auditing is essential to avoid overpaying for your migration or getting stuck with a store that barely works. We will help evaluate the exact amount of coding necessary to adapt your store to Magento 2 and optimize its’ performance.

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What makes us the #1 Magento consulting partner:

Clear & transparent communication

Every customer we’ve ever helped knew exactly what we were working on and why.

We audit design, checkout, shopping carts, site speed — all to help you maximize sales.

We audit design, checkout, shopping carts, site speed — all to help you maximize sales.

Magento 2-ready

We know exactly what Magento 1 and 2 can do, how to implement it, and how to migrate to Magento 2.

Magento-specific expertise

We’ve worked with the platform for over 10 years without shifting our focus to other e-Commerce content management systems.

More than just technical audit

We’ve got seasoned e-commerce pros that will help you get your branding, marketing and sales strategies in order.

Reasonable rates

We charge a reasonable rate for our Magento consulting — and it’s worth every penny.

Endless inspiration

Endless inspiration

Our past clients come from all parts of the world and work in a variety of niches. We’ve consulted tech, fashion, hospitality, kids stores. Each time we work with a store we immerse into the business model and the niche for the best perspective.

Our consulting will give you a fresh look on your business. Youwill see new possibilities to increase customer experience, brand awareness, integrate with other systems, and much much more.

Onilab will give you confidence and inspiration to grow your business with Magento.

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