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services to companies from around the world.
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Do you need a Magento company you can fully trust with your online business?

Our masterminds deliver a full suite of Magento 1 and 2 development services: from website customization and optimization to building an omnichannel experience and ongoing 24/7 support.

  • Onilab is not just another Magento development company, it is a reliable business partner that helps your online store sell more. So whether your enterprise is looking to drive more customers, enhance the user experience, increase conversions, and streamline cart processes, our experts are ready to help. Be sure, when it comes to eCommerce and Magento, we know the ropes!

Feel the difference working with the first-rate Magento 2 development company

Relying on the expertise that we’ve cultivated throughout the years that we’ve been deep in the eCommerce world and the best practices renowned brands are following, we create fully functional, highly converted stores for our Magento customers.

No more:
  • Bad coders that waste time and money;
  • Babysitting and hand-holding;
  • Communication problems;
  • Excuses and shifting estimates.

We get to work fast, provide detailed reports, and
need no supervision.

Instead, you get:
  • Clean Magento code;
  • A teach partner motivated to boost your sales;
  • A team of proactive, English speaking coders;
  • 24/7 lifetime support;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Flawless delivery without shortcuts.

Exploring our magento development expertise

Our team is not just coders. The competencies that we foster at Onilab allow us to form the right team for any client’s project and needs. At Onilab, we`ll cover all technology-related demands of your eCommerce business, giving your store an exceptional customer-centric experience that delivers financial gain.

Magento Performance Optimization
Magento Performance Optimization

Slow stores = low sales. We ensure your website is lightning fast and stable during load peaks. The service includes a thorough analysis of your website with code review. We’ll provide you with a custom-made report, based on which we take the necessary steps to optimize your store’s performance.

Magento to Magento 2 migration
Magento to Magento 2 migration

Magento ended support for the first version, meaning it’s high time to switch your store to the latest version of the eCommerce platform. With Magento 2, you’ll get security patches and other benefits that will help your business to avoid many performance and usability issues.

Hiring Magento Developers
Hiring Magento Developers

Custom Magento development is not an easy task. Therefore, it is wise to work with the most experienced and certified developers whom you could trust to get the work done properly. Our dedicated in-house Magento team is made up of qualified professionals with a bunch of successful eCommerce projects in their portfolio. Rest assured, we’ll deliver top-notch code and visible results.

Magento Consulting
Magento Consulting

Not sure how to solve some issues or have unanswered questions? Our Magento experts are more than thrilled to share their expertise and offer effective solutions to improve the shopping experience for your store. Regardless of the complexity of the issue to tackle, you can count on us!

Magento Support
Magento Support

One of the top Magento services we provide deals with supporting your online store. All procedures are handled by talented Magento eCommerce pros. Be it a web designer, business analyst, automation specialist, Magento developer or digital marketer that you’re in search of, you name it, we’ve got it.

Magento Theme Design
Magento Theme Design

When creating a design for your store, visual appeal is by far not the only factor to consider, proper UX and UI matter greatly for customer satisfaction. The Magento design services we offer include assistance in choosing an appropriate theme that would meet numerous criteria, such as optimal navigation and brand awareness.

We also optimize the theme’s usability and develop its responsiveness sticking to a mobile-first approach. This way, your online shop works great on different devices and browsers, is a blast to use, and, thus, gets better conversions.

Magento PWA Development
Magento PWA Development

In a highly competitive eCommerce world, merchants must enhance the mobile shopping experience. Developing a PWA on Magento 2 is the hottest trend that allows eCommerce website owners to provide the best UX to their customers even under poor network conditions. JS-based Magento PWAs are extremely rapid, reliable, secure, and engaging. They deliver a smooth app-like experience on mobile and ultra-fast load speed on desktops.

Explore the best eCommerce PWA examples and reach out to us for a consultation on all the opportunities Magento progressive apps open.

  • Custom Magento development services: everything done right the first time

    The need for bespoke development is a key part of any Magento project. With our responsible team, you get clear code without a single bug and error the first time. No need to countercheck or make extra adjustments!

    expert salesforce consulting
  • Whether you need to build a Magento store from scratch, create new functionality and implement it to your eCommerce store, streamline your selling processes, or develop new modules - Onilab’s team is here to guess your needs.

    salesforce experts slava
    87% of our clients are ready to recommend us as a reliable Magento eCommerce agency. As a result, referrals are still our main source of customer acquisition.


Our clients enjoy affordable prices, hassle-free technical solutions, and 100% uptime
we provide to Magento websites.

  • Are You Concerned About the Conversion of Your Magento Store?

    With Onilab, you get a good looking website with all the third-party integrations you can imagine. So, your company can provide a shopping experience that your clients will not be able to resist.

    With Magento integrations, every aspect of your website can be automated across the enterprise. We go beyond just coding. Every store we work on starts converting better thanks to our data-driven decisions.

    expert salesforce consulting
  • We are always in touch and are ready to solve any issue your team may tackle. Tell us your Magento development plans and we’ll appraise the project and calculate the return on investment.

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