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magento front end development services certified magento professional developer plus certified magento 2 development services solution specialist certified magento 2 development services professional developer plus certified
large Magento websites built, customized, integrated and optimized
certified and experienced Magento-only devs with extensive domain experience
It's been a really good experience from start to finish. The quality of the code is excellent, and the site is very stable. The Onilab team is flexible and can expedite tasks when necessary. In general, they have exhibited a very strong work ethic and sense of organization throughout the process.
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Paul Berry
Head of Technology, Public Desire. UK

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We get to work fast, report in detail, and know exactly
how great eCommerce stores are made.
  • No more slow, incompetent teams;
  • No more babysitting or hand-holding;
  • No more communication problems;
  • No excuses or shifting estimates.
    Instead, you get:
  • Years of actual Magento experience;
  • A tech partner motivated to boost your sales;
  • A team of self-starting, driven coders;
  • Flawless delivery without shortcuts.
With Onilab, you get everything
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Magento 1 & 2 development done right

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Proactive and transparent

Custom Magento development is our passion, and our partners appreciate our transparency and proactivity above all. If something can be done to improve your store, we will let you know all the pros and cons.

Accurate and timely

We value your time by producing accurate and detailed estimates. All the web development process updates you get are clear and concise. By offering the highest possible level of Magento service we make sure that the experience of our team grows exponentially.

quick magento web development

We are at the forefront of the Magento ecosystem

Our technical guides on Magento 2 optimization are used as reference by developers from at least 17 other agencies.
The official transition to Magento 2 is a pain for many store owners. We offer stress-free B2B migration and optimization services.
sales-oriented magento development services
We go beyond just web dev coding. Every Magento store we work on starts converting better because of our data-driven decisions.
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Our tech blog gets 1K+ of Magento website development readers daily
Tech blog

Magento web development VS
General web dev projects

development servies for ecommerce specific expertise

Specific expertise

When you work with Onilab, you get access to a large Magento-specific team, not just PHP generalists. Our services have been refined by years of experience with high-load Magento 1 & 2 stores, and we are happy to share that expertise with rapidly growing businesses.

We take full control

Ecommerce website development services are a very specific and demanding area. We take full control of all necessary integrations, conversion rate and performance optimization.
magento services performance optimization
magento website creation services systemic

Systemic approach

We are firm believers in a systemic, nuanced approach to Magento website development. That is why our services include design, software architecture, business analysis and a lot more under one roof.

Why is Magento great for eCommerce?

Determining which platform to choose for your online store from the plethora of available ones on the market is a vital choice to make, indeed. After all, once you’ve started building your website on a certain platform, shifting to a completely different one in case something crucial doesn’t suit you will most likely mean that you’ll have to rebuild everything from the ground up.

Based on our expertise in the field and years of fruitful work with online shops behind our backs, we can clearly state that Magento is among the best and top-ranking platforms for eCommerce purposes. And there’s more than one reason for that.

First of all, Magento web development has gone a long way in terms of catering to the needs of online retailers. The platform allows as much freedom for customization as you can possibly imagine. This means that you won’t be tied by some theme restrictions or other roadblocks if you want to create something unique or would prefer to use the elements that are offered as a standard option differently. Bottom line, if you have an exact vision of what your store should look like, Magento is right for the job.

Flexibility is perhaps the most important of the perks you get when opting for Magento services. To give a few examples, this includes optimal solutions connected with your store’s design, user experience, payment options, among others. Secondly, you won’t regret going on board with Magento when it comes to security features as the platform is considered safe for clients and owners alike.

What is more, the platform has your website’s mobile adaptation covered, which is great since your buyers will have simple access regardless of the device they use for performing the search. Apart from that, the platform is user-friendly in terms of both front and back end navigation, thus, browsing your online shop will be intuitive for shoppers. And the same goes for the well-structured CMS for managing and structuring data on your end.

Topping it all, Magento has an undeniable strong side if you’re planning your business to go global. By applying such a Magento development service, you may localize your website to various languages and set up options for switching the currency which means that clients from different countries can have a great experience on your site.

Of course, picking in favor of this platform, you’ll need a well-qualified experienced team that offers Magento development services to put together your website just the way you’d like. Together with the pros, you’ll implement the best practices and make use of the smartest solutions that would be right just for you!

Magento development
services FAQ

  • How much does it cost to run a Magento store?

    In order to get an estimate of how much the maintenance of a Magento 2 store will cost you per month after it is built, you need to take into account that the grand total will vary from store to store and depend on several factors. Some points which will determine the price to run the store include the selected hosting for your website, payments for third-party integrations, as well as development support payouts.

    In general, the average overall cost will be around 2k per month.

    To get a more detailed answer with the nimbers broken down, consider reading this article on Magento pricing.

  • Is it necessary for a development team to have specific Magento experience?

    Numerous companies offer Magento development services and sometimes tend to give promises they can’t keep. To avoid getting into a relationship with a mediocre team that’ll result in a messy project due to the lack of the team’s knowledge, it is vital to make sure that the people you plan to work with know what they’re doing.

    So, yes, the previous experience of your developers in similar Magento projects can be key to saving you a lot of time. Not to mention the ready-made solutions you may make use of along with the expert advice from the pros that your business can gain from. Let’s face it, this is much wiser than handling things trial-and-error style as you work on your store!

    Speaking of specifics, for example, if you’re searching for the right people to carry out your store’s migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and want to avoid unnecessary bumpiness in your project, you’ll need to choose in favor of the teams who have already successfully performed such transitions before as well as pick those developers who are both Magento 1 and Magento 2 “gurus” (since these two platform versions differ drastically).

    If you’d like to learn more about the subject, feel free to read this post on hiring expert Magento developers.

  • How can I be sure that the team is trustworthy?

    When seeking for your perfect Magento development service team, you need to be positive that the people you plan to work with are professionals.

    For starters, find out whether the team has obtained all the necessary certification as this is an important marker of quality. Moreover, before you sign a team off, thoroughly browse their portfolios of similar projects to evaluate previous results.

    Optionally, consider opting for a consultation or having a “trial run” of some sort. That said, interviewing specific developers and asking them to complete test assignments can give you a better understanding of who you’ll be dealing with.
    All in all, to be fully prepared for negotiation with possible candidates, make note of the 10 questions to ask your Magento development agency.

  • Why do I need to migrate to Magento from another CMS, e.g. Shopify?

    Among the top reasons why you should think about moving your online store from eCommerce platforms like Shopify to Magento is the flexibility that it offers. This is exceptionally important for those businesses that have grown quite quickly from small to mid or large size. Implementing a more customizable solution will give you better functionality and an enhanced user experience approach, to name a few.

    For a more extensive response, feel free to read the detailed piece with answers to Shopify to Magento migration questions.

  • How can I make my Magento store faster?

    To save the time of your users and improve your search positions, it is important to have your online store work quickly. Luckily, there are numerous ways to optimize your website’s speed via Magento web development.

    As such, one of the first things that can be done to accelerate your site’s performance is to start using cache tools for frequent requests. Also taking care of images (for instance, compressing their size without quality loss) would surely do you good too. The third case for improving Magento speed is getting rid of the extensions which aren’t used on your site. These are just a couple of ideas to get you started.

    For a wide range of specific front end and back end solutions explained on examples, check out more than 20 ways to optimize Magento 2 speed.

  • Do you provide Magento consulting services?

    Yes, consulting is one of the Magento services offered by Onilab. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Magento development procedures or you need advice regarding optimizing your current store. In case you’d like to build a store but aren’t sure whether Magento is right for you or if you have trouble deciding which team to entrust with this task, we’d be glad to offer you a helping hand as well.

    We’ll share our expertise and help you in allocating the weak points of your online store which can be improved, give you tips on how to increase sales after optimization, share our knowledge that’ll safeguard you from excessive spendings, and more.

    To learn how exactly turning to the pros for advice can benefit you, read this guide on Magento consulting.

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