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Moving away from templates to ensure personalization

The main problem with Magento website development is the use of templates. What may
suit the majority of businesses may not be right for you. It’s vital to strike a chord with your
customers, making personalized website design essential. We propose leaving aside
templates in favor of a unique, thoroughly planned Magento store design, boasting all
necessary functionality.

Who may be interested
in Magento custom options?

  • Existing
    Magento stores
    wishing to remove excess features
    from their website.
  • Ecommerce
    wishing to develop Magento websites
    from scratch for their offline stores.

Don’t be lured by templates! Be unique.

Customize your Magento website

How we deliver Magento customization services

The key to Magento customization is for your site to become as compact and intuitive as
possible, while implementing all functionalities: not too few and not too many. Every feature
and action should be user-friendly and there for a purpose. In relying on templates to build
your Magento store, you may find that some functionalities are unnecessary. Rather than
adapting a template, you might as well try Magento website development from scratch.


We advise having a Magento audit of the functionality and user-friendliness of your website,
to gain recommendations on how best to revise the structure
and identify redundant extensions.

Order an audit

Approaches in Magento customization

Magento customization usually takes place at a visual level (theme design) and a functional level (backend).

Magento theme customization

We’ll carefully study the theme of your store, clearing away unnecessary functionality and adding the right sort. We’ll ensure that everything fits your corporate identity, focusing our attention on eCommerce UI\UX design trends. Magento custom design is always the easiest way to deeply-personalized user experience.

Magento custom module development

We’ll use ready-made extensions, or develop our own plugins, to implement additional toolkits in the Magento admin panel. Plugins allow you to add new elements to the design and create embedded functional modules for managing from the CMS administrator panel.

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