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Choose one hero or gather a robust dedicated team of skilled Magento developers to help
you implement your best ideas. Whether you need your Magento store developed from scratch,
optimized or supported, hiring dedicated developers is a surefire way to
achieve maximum results. Our mission is to craft perfect Magento websites.

What we offer

Remote Magento developer
for etailers


Not all owners of online stores can afford to employ a full-time in-house developer. We offer dedicated Magento developers for hire on a pay-as-you-go basis. This model works great for resolution of urgent problems and technical support. Our Magento developer outstaffing services are designed specifically for that.

Outsource Magento development
for IT companies

White Label

This model is popular with software development companies wishing to expand their team of Magento developers by extra means. Our White Label partnership commits to perform under the client’s brand name. Using our ninja invisibility techniques, we leave all the glory to the client’s company. Our team acts on behalf of the client, not mentioning our name at all. NDAs keep both parties legally protected.


We also collaborate by open interaction. Unlike White Label partnership, this means that Onilab is credited as the project developer and we may add the project to our portfolio, case studies, or other promotional materials. If there’s no reason to keep our collaboration secret, there’s no need for excessive paperwork.

30+ professional Magento developers
at your service

Why our Magento developers are the best you can get

We built a robust team. All of our developers are committed to excellence and are always striving to improve their skills and deepen their eCommerce knowledge. Both Onilab and everyone working for it reach new heights every year. We are the true Magento evangelists promoting diligence, accuracy, orderliness and result-oriented work. We are proud of our stellar team and celebrate the high quality everyone in it delivers.

Our engagement models

  • Hire a Magento 2

    - to adapt to the latest online merchandising trends

  • Hire a Magento
    Enterprise developer

    - to adopt the advanced edition for eCommerce businesses, giving etailers more varied sales functionality.

  • Hire a Magento backend

    - if you need to adjust server logic and performance.

  • Hire a Magento frontend

    - to improve UI/UX in your Magento store or redesign it completely.

  • Hire a Magento QA

    - to test and perfect your projects.

  • Hire a Magento PM
    (Project Manager)

    - to co-ordinate all processes, and report on every step.

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