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Magento marketplace contains many ready-made extensions created to cover the most frequent needs.
However, most ready-made extensions have limited functionality. At the same time, universal solutions
are never as effective as specific ones. As a result many eCommerce entrepreneurs pack their Magento stores
with dozens of extensions and end up slowing down their websites. We review all your requirements and create
custom extensions that do exactly what you need without bloating your site.

The importance
of custom Magento module development

Ready-made extensions pose site speed and security risks. Moreover, publicly available extensions are leveling the playing field - when all Magento stores have the same functionality none really stand out. On the other hand, each of the custom extensions and modules we develop for our customers is unique and has no ready-made alternatives. Thus our customers have an advantage over their competitors, - custom extensions make it easy to maximize sales. Our Magento performance experts are making sure every custom extension we deliver is lightweight and effective.

Why ready-made extensions are not a cure-all

  • A lot of unnecessary features that you don’t need;
  • Lack of functions you do need;
  • Too many modules to be installed;
  • A large number of installed extensions hindering the loading of the site.

Why custom extensions are the way to go

  • Nothing is reduntant - only the functions you need
  • Expand module functionality whenever you need
  • Minimal amount of plugins to install
  • No site speed problems
Why install lots of plugins,
when you can develop one multipurpose solution?
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Examples of essential Magento extensions

Before considering Magento extension development, we need to determine the issues to be solved.

  • Magento B2C


    Interaction with customers, e.g. email marketing, CRM extensions, various interface extensions for easier navigation, custom shopping cart plugins.

  • Magento B2B


    Solve internal tasks for your enterprise, such as ERP system integration or other resource management plugins.


  • Customer Support
  • GDPR compliance


  • SMM management
  • Blogging


  • CRM extension
  • ERP extension

Finance & Delivery

  • Accounting
  • Payments
  • Shipping & Fulfilment


  • Site Optimization
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Sales

Magento extension development step by step

  • Stage 1

    Issues research

  • Stage 2

    Determining the functionality of future modules

  • Stage 3

    UI/UX design

  • Stage 4


  • Stage 5

    Integration* (if the extension involves integration with third-party resources)

  • Stage 6

    QA and release

* The process is comprehensively
described on the service page – Magento integration

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