Performance audit

Learn how to speed up Magento and sell more

In e-commerce, speed equals sales. After the first 2 seconds of load time, every additional second will
cost you thousands in lost sales. If your store reaches the mark of 10+ seconds, users will simply leave.
As a team exclusively focused on Magento, we understand how to make your store fast, responsive, and
pleasant to use. Magento is a complex tool to work with from the development standpoint. Both front-end
and back-end have their own optimization tricks. That’s why you need an experienced team of developers
who know Magento as the back of their own hand.

Understanding the problem is half the solution

What happened to your website? It used to be so fast and snappy. Now your store feels like it loads forever,
and Google PageSpeed Insights labels it as “slow”. Are you sure your previous dev team tried everything to speed it up?


We will try several tactics until we bring the site speed up at least twice

No matter how complex or large your Magento store is, we will speed it up using our systemic approach.
We work on backend, frontend, and server infrastructure to maximize results.

A thorough audit to boost your store

A well-done performance audit will detect all the weak points of your store and outline where you can improve. We closely examine your store before we create the audit report which contains:

  • performance analysis of key website pages
  • outline of the biggest bottlenecks
  • proposed server environment optimization
  • detailed database load tweaks
  • top resource-hungry extensions fixes
  • images and theme optimization

Why we succeed where others struggle

Onilab performance audit will help you identify critical website bottlenecks and eliminate them. Our team
has been working with Magento for 7 years specializing in website speed and security.

We use professional tools and approaches that give us the ability to see exactly what aspects of the store contribute to low performance:

  • Magento compiler performance data;
  • waterfall load diagrams;
  • web page code structure analysis tools;
  • load and peak performance test software.

Magento performance optimization is our top skill. We quickly identify key impact areas and help you get rid of them. We analyze website behavior in different browsers, investigate critical use paths inside the store, and find other weak points.

All of that in order to create a comprehensive list of issues
with clear guidelines on how you can fix them.

Meet your new old website

After we are done, you receive an exhaustive report of all issues we have found. This is what you get with your performance audit:

  • page code analysis and optimization fixes
  • server and infrastructure advice
  • Magento reconfiguration instructions
  • database tweaks guidelines
  • caching implementation guide
  • static and dynamic content tweaks

Make browsing your Magento store a fast and enjoyable

Notice how speed brings in new customers who were previously too impatient to wait for full page load.
Get more sales from improved conversion rate, enjoy better Google rankings with better speed
optimization ratings, and more. Get your website to work for your business. Harder, faster, better.

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