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Personalize your eCommerce business

Magento marketplace contains ready-made extensions for various purposes, but many
don’t solve all issues completely. Being single-task is often the downside of
narrow-specialized plugins. However, in managing an online store, many issues need to be
solved. We can combine all your tasks and create a multipurpose solution, replacing the
need for you to buy numerous ready-made extensions.

The importance
of Magento custom module development

Using ready-made solutions, the owner of an online store risks overloading his Magento with a large number of plugins, adversely affecting site speed. Therefore, we offer Magento custom extension development services. Our extension is likely to be unsuitable for mass use through Magento marketplace, being mainly designed to solve issues particular to your business, making it operate more efficiently.

Why ready-made solutions are not a panacea

  • A lot of unnecessary features that you don’t need;
  • Lack of functions you do need;
  • Too many modules to be installed;
  • A large number of installed extensions hindering the loading of the site.

Why ready-made solutions are not a panacea

  • Nothing is superfluous, with all necessary functions collected in one module;
  • Where new tasks need to be added, we can easily improve our module;
  • Minimum numbers of plugins for installation;
  • No overloading of the site, so that Magento works quickly, stably and smoothly.
Why install lots of plugins,
when you can develop one multipurpose solution?
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Examples of essential Magento extensions

Before considering Magento extension development, we need to determine the issues to be solved.

  • Magento B2C


    assume interaction with customers, like email marketing, CRM extensions, and various interface extensions, helping customers use online store features easily: for example, a shopping cart plugin.

  • Magento B2B


    is used to solve internal tasks for your enterprise, such as integrating ERP systems for managing inner resources.


  • Customer Support
  • GDPR compliance


  • SMM management
  • Blogging


  • CRM extension
  • ERP extension

Finance & Delivery

  • Accounting
  • Payments
  • Shipping & Fulfilment


  • Site Optimization
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Sales

Magento extension development step by step

  • Stage 1

    Issues research

  • Stage 2

    Determining the functionality of future modules

  • Stage 3

    UI/UX design

  • Stage 4


  • Stage 5

    Integration* (if the extension involves integration with third-party resources)

  • Stage 6

    QA and release

* The process is comprehensively
described on the service page – Magento integration

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