Amazon Integration

Be closer to the markets where you sell

If you use Amazon market for promoting your commodities, then building a bridge between
Amazon and your Magento website is a complete necessity.

What will Magento Amazon integration bring to you?

  • Full control
    from a better spot

    No need to jump from one site to another to manage your eCommerce profiles. Now, you can do it all from the Magento admin panel. Magento eCommerce integration module could involve any multi-vendor resource, connecting not only 2 stores but far more.

  • Extra means
    of monetization

    Applying Amazon Advertising API you get an opportunity to earn money from selling Amazon goods on your eCommerce site. The service works better with a Magento 2 version. In that cases, Amazon pay to Magento stores can reach 8.5% of commission.

  • Both-way

    You can interact in both ways: to publish your goods from the Magento website onto Amazon and to import Amazon products into Magento.

  • Implement a both-end integration
    Amazon — Magento


Magento eBay Amazon integration

Food for thought Our customers often ask us to create omnichannel Magento API integration in one module. For
instance, Magento store products are represented on both eBay and Amazon, and their management
should be from a single extension, because the content hosted on these sites is the same. A module
combining 2 solutions allows you to save time, so that you do not take the same data for different
resources several times. It works not only with eBay and with Amazon – you can aggregate
management of any affiliates, for example, such as Aliexpress.

Why consider a unique integration module,
although there are many readymade solutions?

To elaborate unique integration
meeting exactly your needs

Most of the readymade plugins for Magento Amazon integration have a pretty generalized set of functions. Most likely, using the template, you will miss the implementation of exactly your tasks. In addition, when developing an integration module, you can completely customize all the interactions accurately and deeply within your business, so that it won’t be difficult to lead it, everything will be automated!

To create a multi-task solution
keeping on good website operation

Readymade Magento integration solutions are usually single-tasked – each store integration module solves one problem, so as to solve various ones, we need to install several suitable modules. However, plenty of installed plugins significantly slow down a Magento site, which is bad for SEO. It is much easier to manage different tasks, united by a common idea, from one module of a Magento panel admin. For example, why not create a specially customized module for Magento eBay Amazon integration, or other services that can be interconnected within your tasks. In this way, extensions from the Magento marketplace aren’t a panacea for everything, and that is why a good reason to develop an integration module from scratch.

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What else a Magento Amazon integration implies

The solution is a bespoke Magento Amazon plugin with a set of functions. What kind of toolkit? You can determine this before development. Often, you can implement any opportunities. Therefore, requirements of your business dictate the set of functions for the future integration extension. However, often the integration of Magento and Amazon implies such a functional.

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Magento & Amazon
carts aggregation


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Publishing Amazon
reviews on Magento

Multi languages
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