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Top 10+ Magento Websites: The Biggest Online Stores in 2024

Magento Websites Examples

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, ensuring global expansion and reliable performance for the biggest companies worldwide. It also suits new website owners planning to grow their online stores with the help of dozens of built-in features and available extensions. Magento provides its clients with rich customization options and the ability to create a unique user experience.

But what are eCommerce websites using Magento? Such industry giants like Christian Louboutin, Coca-Cola, and Land Rover benefit from this robust eCommerce platform serving millions of customers and thousands of daily in-store operations.

Below, you'll find 17 companies that use Magento software. We've hand-picked the best websites and described their most notable solutions. Check out how they manage to keep up an outstanding performance in their fulfillment process while maintaining a hectic routine.

Online Stores Using Magento: The Best Examples to Consider

1. The Webster

The Webster

If you want to know what companies use Magento 2, look at . This globally recognized brand sells high-end fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products for men, women, and children.

This store is one of Magento top websites, and our company has contributed to its success too. We leveraged the Magento Commerce potential, and here is what we managed to achieve:

  • removed bugs;
  • enhanced UI/UX, making the store even more user-friendly;
  • optimized the website for mobile devices by adding the bottom navigation bar on a mobile site version;
  • provided intuitive and easy navigation with smart product filters;
  • suggested a well-thought-out shopping cart.

The Webster website is neat and well-organized, helping users choose the product hassle-free.

2. Bright Star Kids

Bright Star Kids

is not a typical seller who uses Magento eCommerce capabilities. It’s an online store that makes personalization its primary focus. Bright Star Kids allows customers to design unique products for children: labels, school supplies, and clothing. Moreover, it’s an example of that look and feel like a native app.

It started as a family-owned brand but now caters to an international audience. Plus, it has two other Magento webshops for personalizing pet goods and vinyl stickers. So having a robust eCommerce platform is a must for a growing company like that.

As we can see, Magento 2 has ticked all the boxes in this case. The company chose this platform and asked Onilab to help them get the most out of the system. We’ve researched its existing Magento web solutions and given the store a tweak, so now The Bright Star Kids main site features:

  • engaging product configurator;
  • rich content;
  • an incredibly attractive layout and user-friendly design;
  • a wish list feature.

The Magento website reflects the brand and its bright, friendly, and fascinating message. All of this testifies to why this store is on the best Magento sites list.

3. Timetravels

You can’t underestimate the importance of pleasant online experiences when booking travel services. You need to build a tour and consider all details so as not to encounter unpleasant surprises on the road. The website should support all the changes, whether a customer adds some activities or cancels the trip.

, a Finnish travel agency, decided to build a Magento website to satisfy its customers. And it made a good call. To further improve its Magento website, it reached out to us. By partnering with Onilab, the tour operator received the features of the best Magento 2 websites. We considered its industry peculiarities, transformed the website into a PWA, and improved UI/UX.

The flexible platform let us improve the site and adjust it precisely to the travel agency’s needs. The optimized website incorporates the best Magento features, including:

  • a clear category structure;
  • a sticky bar at the bottom of the screen with the tour information and a CTA;
  • detailed tour descriptions;
  • a multipage checkout for easier booking.

The website’s UI replicates Timetravels' nordic roots and appeals to its target audience: students.

4. Moschino


is an Italian clothing brand known for its daring colors and bold approach to design. The company’s Magento Commerce website represents the core of the brand perfectly thanks to the following features:

  • incorporation of videos on the homepage;
  • implementation of Instagram feed;
  • handy menu and logical catalog structure;
  • intuitive navigation;
  • the focus on the image gallery on product pages.

Magento 2 is famous for its endless customization options, and Moschino uses them to the fullest extent to ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Coca-Cola


This brand needs no intro. is beloved worldwide, and its famous commercial is one of the main symbols of the upcoming Christmas holidays. And if such an industry giant is among sites using , why shouldn't you join them too?

How the Magento platform made the Coca-Cola website so awesome:

  • bright and smart CTA buttons;
  • effortless navigation from one page to another;
  • focus on personalization;
  • outstanding ;
  • adjustment of the overall site for the holidays.

Unlike Moschino, Coca-Cola keeps the design simple. Yet, it still manages to catch the attention and encourage a customer to make a purchase. Apart from that, Magento helps the eCommerce behemoth deliver an exceptional online shopping experience, from seamless navigation and personalized product recommendations to supporting the best Magento fulfillment warehouse.

6. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin

The shoes can be called legendary due to their famous red sole, which is the brand's official trademark. The brand is associated with luxury and expensiveness. And its Magento webshop captures the idea perfectly:

  • helpful gift guides;
  • all-round product pages;
  • images in the navigation menu, giving an idea of what’s inside the sections;
  • an editable shopping cart on a pop-up that lets users access the chosen products without leaving the page they’re currently viewing.

A laconic Louboutin website encompasses all brand products. Yet it doesn't seem overloaded and offers easy-to-follow product order or pre-order procedures.

7. Rubik’s eCommerce Store

Rubik’s eCommerce Store

OK, everyone knows what Rubik’s cube is about. But the company offers much more than one toy. With the help of Magento 2, the brand is showing all of the cube faces:

  • smart choice of colors, fonts, and overall ;
  • fun “About Us” page;
  • informative solutions guides;
  • the “Find Nearby” feature to access retailers near you.

website follows all modern eCommerce trends: it features social media buttons, has good navigation and clear catalogs, and all the information is placed where users expect to see it.

We've reached out to Rubik’s and asked about their experience with Magento. The store runs on Magento 2, and the reason for the was increased speed and better performance, as well as ease of deployment on multiple foreign markets and huge B2B potential, as per the company’s representative.

8. Vizio


We couldn't help but mention among other Magento shops. This brand is a consumer electronics company with a stunning website, 100% adjusted for the upcoming holidays. Being one of the largest and most popular consumer electronics companies in the USA, Vizio serves thousands of customers daily. The Magento site helps Vizio with the following:

  • animated carousels with apps, shows, movies, etc.;
  • helpful navigation;
  • a live chat feature;
  • customer reviews that you can filter based on the rating.

They turned to a company providing to help Vizio reflect their statement about being "beautifully simple" on their website, which looks high-tech and reliable.

9. Adore Beauty

Adore Beauty

The discussion of which companies use Magento would be incomplete without . The eCommerce store offers cosmetic and beauty products from prominent providers and is considered the leading beauty store in Australia. But let's zero in on why it's on the top Magento sites list. Magento 2 helped the company with the following:

  • good personalization, such as a “Recommended for You” pop-up;
  • attractive CTAs;
  • successful combination of various brands in one menu;
  • excellent product filtering.

Considering the number of products and brands presented, the Magento website deals with the load perfectly. It keeps everything clear and easy to understand, thanks in part to its outstanding beauty products Magento web design.

10. Olympus


This famous seller who uses Magento 2 produces an array of technical equipment and specializes in cameras and lenses. This is how Magento helps communicate its message via the website:

  • Informative yet structured product descriptions;
  • security badges that enhance reliability;
  • excellent customer experience with website navigation;
  • comparison list so the customers can find the most suitable product;
  • order status tracking and support.

In addition to its products, the Olympus website also features support and blog pages that contribute to the customer experience and make the store stand out among similar top Magento websites.

11. Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

is another company on our list of best Magento websites, specializing in selling beauty products online. This is a popular British beauty business with an array of cosmetic gifts. The beauty e-retail store is customized to reflect the brand’s passion, identity, and features:

  • instant pop-up upon visiting the homepage, inviting you to chat with the company’s beauty experts;
  • with product suggestions and corresponding pages;
  • incorporated video tutorials;
  • amazingly easy and appealing navigation.

While being a luxury brand, the store doesn’t appear distant, positioning itself as friendly and personalized. And Magento 2 helped the company transfer this idea via strong visuals and a proper website layout.

12. PerfectDraft


(former Beer Hawk) provides shoppers with a choice of craft beers from all over the world. This Magento website features:

  • incorporated customer reviews;
  • efficient CTAs;
  • multiple filtering options;
  • comprehensive product details.

Being so packed with different products, the PerfectDraft website manages to deliver an excellent online shopping experience and user-friendly navigation, and Magento Commerce makes it all possible.

13. Byredo


The following Magento site on our list is , the first fragrances retailer to launch an online store on this eCommerce platform. The store offers perfume, makeup, home fragrance, hand & body care, and other products. And Magento 2 is a good helper in providing an impeccable shopping experience.

As the fragrances retailer aims for a robust international presence, the platform’s capabilities should support the seller’s objectives. Luckily, that’s what Magento 2 is about. The eCommerce website greets you with the following features:

  • the ability to choose the country from the 27 available options on this Magento website. The store will display relevant offers for your country and adapt to the local currency.
  • a grid of large product images, making a strong first impression. They capture visitors’ attention and encourage them to click.
  • an emphasis on product design and quality, ideally communicating the brand’s aesthetic.

14. Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox

is a British furniture, accessory, and textiles retailer. This company is among the best Magento 2 sites that moved from M1 to Magento 2. This transition happened in 2017, resulting in even more online sales and revenue. Since the migration, it has used a bit of technological boost to keep up with worldwide digital adoption but managed to preserve the brand identity. How Magento helps Cox & Cox to remain one of the top Magento 2 websites:

  • use of unique brand colors across the store;
  • non-overwhelming design;
  • powerful on-site search with prompts (popular searches and trending products) and voice search.

Cox & Cox’s website keeps it classy and attractive, being among companies using Magento 2 successfully to display its products and provide a unique experience for shoppers.

15. Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty

is another international brand on our list of companies using Magento. The brand offers an array of brushes, palettes, and other makeup products and values social proof. That’s how using Magento helped the brand stand out:

  • sections on the home and category pages with videos showing how influencers and Sigma customers use its products;
  • advertising pop-ups on product pages;
  • straightforward navigation;
  • “Shop the Look” sections;
  • lots of reviews on the homepage and product pages with real-life photos.

As soon as you enter the Sigma Beauty store, you immediately feel like you can trust the brand. And that’s what the best Magento eCommerce sites are about, isn’t it?

16. Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

is a designer and creator of a UK-based company named after himself. Striving for innovation, he provides exclusive and luxury products, including lighting, accessories, and furniture.

What’s awesome about Tom Dixon is that he aims at more than good items. He promotes extraordinary spaces, reimagining the traditional approach to interior design. No wonder you can find his website among excellent Magento store examples. Here is how he incorporated his vision into the eCommerce store:

  • Ecommerce site search with an integrated catalog of trending products and popular terms;
  • a gallery with customers’ photos and high-quality content on product pages (when clicking on the image, you can see products featured on the picture. You can tap the “Shop now” button below to proceed to the corresponding product page);
  • understandable filters;
  • a dedicated #TOMDIXON page with Instagram posts and mentions.

Tom Dixon’s website captures your attention from the first seconds after visiting it and encourages you to learn more. A great deal of such success is due to choosing Magento eCommerce capabilities and features.

The best part is that you can not only buy online on this Magento website. You can also access photos of real-world spaces to see how the items look. It’s useful for interior designers and customers who want to delve into the store’s material groups and products.

17. Land Rover

Land Rover

is a renowned British car brand working in the luxury segment. Honestly, a car is not what you typically buy from an eCommerce website. However, you may need accessories, related products, or a catalog to examine the vehicle from every angle and compare different model versions. That’s why the best Magento eCommerce websites in the automotive industry should contain rich content, customizers, and calculators.

Considering the size of its market and the number of various products, Land Rover needed a scalable and flexible platform to cope with the load and guarantee seamless performance throughout the customer journey. This Magento website has the following:

  • a bunch of image carousels;
  • integrated store locators to find the nearest Land Rover brick-and-mortar stores by a Zip code, state, city, or retailer name;
  • a form for booking a test drive;
  • a “Build Your Own” option.

The site offers an enjoyable online experience with minimal effort from the user required. The design reflects Land Rover’s identity, making it one of the top Magento eCommerce websites.

Building a Website in Magento: Final Word

We've looked at the best Magento websites in 2023. Of course, there are hundreds of thousands more great eCommerce stores working on this flexible and powerful platform. What makes this CMS so popular? First, it’s versatile and adaptive to any sector, including beauty websites, the automotive industry, premium skin cosmetics, furniture, and many more. If you want to create custom online stores on Magento, the platform can support you in this endeavor.

Second, Magento provides numerous capabilities to satisfy mobile users and increase an online conversion rate. For example, it supports PWA development, leading to higher mobile revenue and a unique online shopping experience. It also lets you manage several stores from one admin panel, making it a perfect option for marketplaces.

Are you planning to launch a Magento online shop? Our eCommerce website development team can help you with this task. We provide to deliver an efficient online store in line with customer demand and industry trends. with Magento eCommerce solutions and contact our support team for further discussion.

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Sites That Use Magento: FAQ

1. What Is Magento Best for, and Who Should Use It?

Magento is a robust system with numerous features, including product administration, inventory management, payment processing, order fulfillment, and marketing tools. You have great freedom to customize the platform and top Magento website solutions to your needs. It’s available as open-source, paid, and cloud-based. So you can choose a free edition and don’t have to pay for its downloading.

Yet, it's not that simple to set up, edit, and maintain. Magento 2 requires extensive coding skills and experience, so you'll need a dedicated team of professionals. It also implies costs on hosting, add-ons, and ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance and security.

That's why the platform may not be a good choice for a small online business with a local target audience. On the other hand, Magento's multi-store and international support makes it an unparalleled option for ambitious sellers. It's an investment that brings benefits in the long run.

In most cases, Magento sites belong to mid-sized and large companies. They usually have the needed resources to hire Magento developers in return for a highly personalized website, seamless integration with other tools, and responsive design. As for industries, big companies using Magento include apparel, automotive, beauty, food and beverage, and other brands.

2. Why Do People Use Magento?

Magento merchants can effectively engage customers, adapt the website layout to mobile devices, and visually express their brand. With its in-built features and third-party integrations, you can sell clothes or other relevant products to your shoppers and adapt the store to your needs. You can also introduce the desired payment method, upload high-quality images, and enhance product pages to increase your customer base.

People who use Magento also understand the importance of choosing the right platform from the outset. You may not plan to grow a new site and add more features now. But once you do, migrating with an existing storefront will be much more challenging.

3. How Do I Create an Online Store on Magento?

If you need an eCommerce store on Magento, you can build it by yourself, hire individual developers in your team, or partner with a development agency.
The first option is relevant if you're a coding expert. Why? The reason is that Magento is different from SaaS providers or other solutions. It's highly unlikely that you'll launch an online store on Magento fast. Installing, customizing, and using Magento is tricky, but doing it on your own offers cost savings, a learning experience, and control over the development process.

The next way to create a Magento website is more likely to happen. If you need assistance, you may recruit specialists and maintain an internal development department. While giving you control over whom to hire, it may require additional project management skills and coordination.

And finally, you can find a dedicated company. Onilab, an eCommerce development agency, can help you build the best Magento website. We've been working in the field for over a decade. So we know how to match your needs with the platform's capabilities. We adhere to open communication and individual approach and can accompany you from planning and design to testing and post-release.

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