Top Magento Case Studies & Success Stories To Get Inspired By

Top Magento Case Studies & Success Stories To Get Inspired By

Top Magento Case Studies & Success Stories To Get Inspired By

Magento is a fascinating platform that offers both web developers and designers a wide range of tools, solutions, and approaches to common e-Commerce challenges.

Magento is also an extremely complex system with a ton of its own quirks and twists that make programming for it a real challenge. It’s also full of internal customization options that create an infinite amount of flexibility but are kinda hard to grasp when you are new to the platform.

This combination of great business and technical complexity creates a high bar for both Magento store owners, e-Commerce veterans, and digital marketers.

In our eyes, a success story is not about a cute Magento redesign. It’s about real business impact on sales, conversions, and growth. As an experienced Magento optimization team, we have hand-picked 5 cases that show how you can increase your bottom line with a store upgrade.

Case 1. The Case of Lost – and Reclaimed – Store Sales

The most important e-Commerce KPIs center around customer acquisition that is manifested by good conversion rates and sales numbers. So that’s why our first case is about a sudden loss in conversion rate.

This youth fashion store started off really well: over the years the company reached a healthy 3% conversion rate and established positive growth in both customers and leads. But over time the growing foot traffic started to misalign with the sales numbers which caused significant distress in the leadership.

The management team didn’t understand what happened and how to remedy the situation. No matter how much money they invested in marketing, advertising, and development, the sales stagnated and the conversion rate dropped as low as 0.5%.

In the final attempt to find a solution, the owner hired a digital marketing agency in hopes that outside help will bring expertise the inside team lacks. The marketers made an audit of the store and found out that both the Cart and the Checkout were to blame for low sales. With slowdowns up to 20 seconds, customer behavior displayed huge dips in conversions. This is understandable: no-one likes to wait for a slow store, especially when that store relies on impulse purchases.


The marketing agency hired our Magento developers as outside help to fix the store and make it fast again. After we got involved in the project, we quickly found out what was the cause of the slowdowns: each new dip in conversion rate correlated perfectly with new feature releases for the store.

The previous team just piled up feature after feature without consideration for user experience or proper performance testing. During our work, we managed to boost Checkout and Shopping Cart performance to 2s load time and immediately saw conversion rate increase from 0.5 to 4%!

Case 2. Flash Sales for Timeless Timepieces

InteractOne team helped SEIKO fix and update a niche store for their timepieces. The store targeted B2B customers looking for flash sales of premium watches.

The biggest challenge was in the backend: spaghetti code extensions and overall poor optimizations from the previous team put InteractOne in a hard position where they needed to rewrite whole sections of the store to make it work faster and prepare to the following Magento version upgrade.

The whole scope of the project looked like this:

  • fix a poorly optimized store and increase Google PageSpeed score,
  • apply the necessary Magento security patches,
  • upgrade to the latest Magento release (repair Magento Core files),
  • make the store ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant,
  • integrate Magento with the SEIKO’s ERP system,
  • train SEIKO employees on how to use the new Magento store functionality.

seiko case study magento

As a result, the team:

  • fixed security holes that could lead to hacks and data breach liabilities,
  • improved the speed of the store,
  • repaired Magento Core and got rid of the extensions that didn’t work,
  • made the store accessible to customers with disabilities.

Case 3. New Foods for the Whole Continent

Nestle researchers work tirelessly to invent new foods for specific generations: from kids to young adults to seniors. The new Nestle products got field-tested in Brazil as one of the biggest, youngest, and the most loyal Nestle markets.

nestle case study magento 2

For distribution purposes, the company needed to develop a regional store that would sell Nutren, Modulen, Alfare, Fiber Mais, NovoSource, Peptamen, Resource, and other brands in Latin American markets.

Challenges before the Magento dev team:

  • organize and optimize a wide range of products and categories,
  • scale performance to deal with large numbers of daily visitors from all over LA,
  • integrate an easy and intuitive payment system designed to be used by seniors and young moms,
  • build in cart sharing to allow doctors to share products with their patients,
  • set up adequate backend options for distribution, payment, and inventory management.

The main challenge was in researching and developing solutions that were not yet on the market. Nestle had to rely on the creativity and the smarts of the Magento dev team since this was essentially a trailblazing project.


  • distributors now get delivery orders based on the customer’s ZIP code,
  • since the majority of all purchases in Brazil are made with a smartphone, Nestle had to create a fast and capable mobile store,
  • Webjump team rebuilt the Magento store because the previous version lacked the necessary scalability and optimization,
  • the Magento store can now be used through telesales, online chat, email, and even Whatsapp – giving Nestle multichannel capabilities.

Case 4. Customizing Everything!

its myne case study magento 2

It’s Myne team were looking for a company web store that could correctly translate their business vision into actual store functionality. The company specializes in getting customers unique home decor products with almost limitless levels of personalization.

In order to create this kind of customization capabilities, the Atelier team developed extended functionality. For example, one extension offers customers two final versions of the product which allows users to choose between standard and HD printing quality.

Main Challenges:

  • the brand needed a complex and convenient item customization system,
  • developers had to teach Magento to build two separate print versions,
  • the artwork had to align perfectly in size and format with the company print-ready sales model,
  • customization capabilities had to involve a wide range of font selection, sample prints, and printing area customizations.

The result:

  • all artwork is 100% available in multiple file formats and sizes including PDF,
  • any item in the store can be customized using the customer’s own templates,
  • the dev team built a unique and fast Magento theme for tablets, mobile phones, and desktops,
  • the store is filled with uniquely designed products to give users inspiration and showcase customization capabilities,
  • store organic conversion rate has reached 5%.

Case 5. Building a Store for England’s Largest Regional Supplier

Kent County Supplies is a Kent County-owned organization dedicated to the hard task of supplying the County authorities and public bodies with everything they need, from furniture to stationery.

For a team serving customers all over the country, it was vital to have CTI Digital build a robust and intelligent platform for acquisition, storage, and distribution of goods across 3,500 sq. km of a densely populated Kent County and beyond. As a result of the upgrade, in addition to serving locals, KCS now ships orders nationwide.

kcs magento case study

Main project challenges:

  • organize fast and efficient management of a large product catalog,
  • create an efficient system of flash sales, offers, and personalized promotions,
  • build an omnichannel shopping experience and reduce the company’s reliance on offline (printed catalog) sales,
  • move Magento to the cloud to improve reliability and scalability for anticipated growth in foot traffic,
  • add a granular account management system to better segregate users with different purchasing permissions.


  • a fast store serving customers all over the United Kingdom,
  • more than 15,000 SKUs on offer at any given time,
  • extensive and complex warehouse management system,
  • close integration with other internal company services such as PIM – Product Management System, ERP, CRM, and OMS (Order Management System),
  • online sales increased by 10%,
  • built in big business analytics to better identify user segments and tailor content to certain shopper groups.

Seeking Inspiration In the Success of Others

Showing the success stories of other online retail companies, we wanted to highlight for you the most ambitious and daring business cases. We hope that the scale of change that these brands decided to undertake will inspire you to build new and awesome things yourself.

As a Magento optimization team, we always look for innovative and ambitious projects to see what others can do with the Magento platform and how we can learn from the community.

I hope you got inspired, too, and you are now ready to start your own journey to improve user experience, rebuild clunky or slow infrastructure, and integrate new solutions and best practices into your store.

Eager to move forward but not sure where to start? Need help or guidance? We are always excited to start new projects. The more ambitious the better! Get in touch to create something awesome together.

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